mishaclara 3 points ago

project veritas! Wire up & record him!!! I know you are a Christian but it’s time to get St Micgael in gear and fight back!

mishaclara 8 points ago

Great idea! Call project veritas, get wired up and out the POS.

mishaclara 3 points ago

If I didn’t have a job I would build a webpage and put all this stuff up

mishaclara 6 points ago

Oh here are a bunch for you kek


Man stomped and stoned for trying to defend a bar from being looted https://streamable.com/xkcvkk Destroying store and beating unarmed woman and her husband https://streamable.com/rvrwil Beating and stomping guy on the ground Santa Monica https://streamable.com/x6ue5x Restaurant manager beaten and stomped for trying to defend his workplace https://streamable.com/ila4dh Stopping, beating and stomping a truck driver while protesters yell to kill him https://streamable.com/8zk9dq Protesters attack a media member and then pummel him https://streamable.com/p4i3jb Chasing guy and kicking him in the face for defending flag in Portland https://streamable.com/ky6jyh Police officer beaten on the streets https://streamable.com/je4ki5 Car runs over a cop https://streamable.com/q4nat7 Protesters set homeless man’s belongings on fire https://streamable.com/sdjvfa Throwing fireworks at the cops https://streamable.com/7sv4a9 Looting a FedEx truck then looter gets dragged when truck tries to escape https://streamable.com/n1azx3 Chasing and beating guy with red had https://streamable.com/rcsmi0 Rioter sets himself on fire while trying to set a building on fire https://streamable.com/w5wa8l Fireworks thrown into CNN hq / Police officers https://streamable.com/7dw6g7 Protester runs over the cops with an SUV https://streamable.com/ttijvn Destroying/looting/setting on fire Old Navy https://streamable.com/oceqqg Guardhouse in front of WH set on fire https://streamable.com/vfopia Dozens of cars destroyed/torched near CNN hq – Atlanta https://streamable.com/ubjohz St Louis neighborhood on fire https://streamable.com/8lnd7v Building on fire while self-proclaimed Mexicans say fuck white people https://streamable.com/yvkek4 Destroying police SUV https://streamable.com/2b7fic Near a torched car audio speakers propaganda that all crime is legal https://streamable.com/t76kdn Destroying/looting bank in Montreal https://streamable.com/3hwkx2 Pharmacy destroyed/looted in Dallas https://streamable.com/fl7e5z The remains of whole neighborhood destroyed https://streamable.com/dtptr1 Destroying stores – Dallas https://streamable.com/hn1qng Destroying police SUV – Austin https://streamable.com/v8zk1e Police SUV torched LA https://streamable.com/61mdlo Looting target/beating disabled person in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/oyjgbk Future apartment building destroyed with fire in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/dxmc0w Looting pharmacy – Minneapolis https://streamable.com/53nl1p Destroying business in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/5lm779 More businesses on fire in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/f1zcmy Ransacked Target Minneapolis https://streamable.com/b3u92p Building burning in neighborhood Minneapolis https://streamable.com/vh5nyu Boy drove car into a store https://streamable.com/nrm2pn Post office looted/destroyed https://streamable.com/v4vflf Minneapolis third police precinct set on fire https://streamable.com/o27w75 More buildings on fire Minneapolis https://streamable.com/8au2lf Autoparts Store getting destroyed/looted https://streamable.com/dum1r8 Autozone on fire https://streamable.com/vq9hrp Looting in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/jfor5g Adults loot with their children https://streamable.com/m4cr5j Cars torched – Minneapolis https://streamable.com/mmk9gr Looting an ATM in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/ht2oxv Remains of destroyed/looted Cub Foods https://streamable.com/qhzlm7 Business and stores on fire in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/jcpdvv Brenda Lenton’s home and belongings destroyed by a fire – Minneapolis https://streamable.com/3s9l17 Aftermath of whole neighborhood being set on fire in Minneapolis https://streamable.com/eat2c0 Nashville city hall set on fire while rioters cheer https://streamable.com/b3y0ep Fox reporters chased out with projectiles thrown at them near White House https://streamable.com/1qzyua Attacking drivers Tulsa, Okla https://streamable.com/ixpxh9 Setting St. John’s Church on fire https://streamable.com/u3y4ch Destroying/looting stores Montreal https://streamable.com/92h4rr Destroying/looting store in Downtown Oakland https://streamable.com/y9s4x9 Bar destroyed/Trying to loot a safe https://streamable.com/yzprm5 Stolen Bulldozer in Oakland https://streamable.com/lhf5ze Two police SUVs torched in Seattle https://streamable.com/eketpr Multiple cars torched in Philadelphia https://streamable.com/13784m Ohio Statehouse being destroyed https://streamable.com/k13b3l Trying to breach Justice Center/central police precinct Portland https://streamable.com/avcfq0 Destroying/Looting Justice Center Portland https://streamable.com/1j6fof Looting small business in Portland https://streamable.com/bfs08c Destroying/looting small business Portland https://streamable.com/adfxxt Looting Louis Vuitton store https://streamable.com/f4ysu9 Driving stolen cars into stores – Portland https://streamable.com/o1w92j Destroying Chase Bank – Portland https://streamable.com/o1wtom Setting Chase Bank on fire – Portland https://streamable.com/nanakz Destroying/Looting Apple Store – Portland https://streamable.com/2wncgk Looting in St. Paul https://streamable.com/6fouwt Looting Shoe Store https://streamable.com/60v3xh Looting apple store https://streamable.com/1wzq39 Looting North Face store – NYC https://streamable.com/ux7djn Nike Store being looted – NYC https://streamable.com/6sdcb3 Looting in Union Square – NYC

mishaclara 2 points ago

He is stupid. They counted positive antibody cases as new cases.

mishaclara 18 points ago

I have Lyme. If you got it early it can help! Another thing you should take besides doxy is Zinc, grapefruit seed oil, oregano oil and Lauricidin.

mishaclara 5 points ago

Death rate .009%! ZERO new cases on July 6th ... what is going on???

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