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Well she doesn’t know any better. Hunter taught her this was normal.

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Thank you. yes I have said it here before and get lots of kind comments and support. Unfortunately my white privilege didn’t kick in and police did nothing. It’s usually your word against the abuser. Lucky Natalie has video, but even THAT and the police do nothing. I was suicidal after they told me they would do nothing. I feel really worried for her :(

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Hate to say it pede but I don’t trust the curbside machines. If they plug them back in wrong way your vote may not count. If you want you can ask the poll worker greeter to cut in line and by my states law they say the precinct official can allow the disabled person to jump the line. Most people there in line will be nice and say its ok let her go but the workers try to push the curbside on you. The problem is I don’t think you put in your own code, and it’s a chain of custody thing. They tried to pressure me to use curbside with my step dad in a wheelchair but I told them no I don’t like that machine we are voting inside. Insist on voting inside, don’t let them pressure you. Ask kindly to jump the line if the precinct judge is a mean Dem that looks bad to voters. I have worked multiple polls and the disabled units are always empty no reason not to cut the line.

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Abortion is the worst thing to happen to the West.

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You can’t blame her. I was sexually abused by my uncle at her age and it was soul crushing. It fucks you up hard core. I wouldn’t be surprised if she commits suicide. I was suicidal and promiscuous for years until I got help. She doesn’t know any better. It is so stressful because you know everyone is going to say ‘don’t embarrass the family grandpa will lose the Presidency’ then the other half will say (like you just said) - she wanted it. Truth is she probably has been molested since the age of 5 or 6, just like me, and doesn’t know it’s not normal.

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The 14 year old (in Rudy’s texts) Hunter Biden was smoking crack in front of baked. Hunter’s niece. Where have you been under a rock?

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I am gonna tell you who to vote for Trump! Or die a commie.

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Pedes crash the rallies and start yelling ‘SAVE NATALIE!!!’

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People need to crash his rallies screaming ‘SAVE NATALIE’!!!!

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No they hardly look to be honest. In my county clerks don’t ask everyone to pull down masks but they are supposed to pull them down to verify identity. If poll watchers make a report on this, then it goes to a complaint and can result in lawsuits or corrections to the procedures. It’s a long and complicated battle, every small step helps.

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Since lawsuits are involved with poll watchers it is not wise to give your personal location or county where you poll watched!!!! If someone on here gives to ballot committee for Dems they might try to use this against you or the candidates!!! Pedes there are laws around working polls and poll watching. Be careful!!! Do not reveal personal info or break the law.

Source: Poll watcher & Election Day judge

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Guys are we really gonna ever find Hunter?

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UPDATE: Just talked to Galveston County Sherriffs. They have us covered for election day. They are super cool and based. I may have to pay an escort to drive me to ballot drop off location, they are checking. Thanks all pedes for your support. I am so tired my feet hurt my eyes are throbbing but we all have to do our part! If GEOTUS and his kids can do 4 rallies a say, I can force myself for a few more days! Godspeed to all other pedes fighting in the trenches!

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