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Ya, VW just announced an electric SUV at only $40k base price. 🤣

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Pretty funny, given she comes from the 2nd most misogynistic society on earth.

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Boris' response was basically British bureaucratese for "C'mon, man!".

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Princeton, “a wonderful little spot, a quaint and ceremonious village of puny demigods on stilts” - Albert Einstein

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Not the point, which was there are a select few with whom that's one of the few ways you can get through. 👍

We all know everyone gets a good meme.

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You risk losing the dimwitted one way or another. Cost of doing business. These are the people who can only be reached with something that requires little attention span to digest, for example, a meme.

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The question should be, what does he have his people doing?

Generals don't work in the front lines and executives don't work on production lines.

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LOL. They balked when M$ asked for source code as part of the deal. Now they're worried about Oracle securing user data.

They really don't want anyone to see anything under the covers of their little spy app.

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Point of historical comparison: It took 10 years from the time the Manhattan Project espionage really started to the execution of the Rosenbergs.

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