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Helps a good man who did nothing wrong. And also Sidney can devote more time to stop-the-fraud.

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Th UAE (i.e. Dubai) does not hate Jews and Americans enough for Omar's taste.

Heck, Saudi Arabia (Saudi News: https://www.arabnews.com/node/1766821 ) does not hate Jews and Americans enough for Omar's taste.

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https://archive.is/wip/QWDYK Circa 2018: https://www.facebook.com/A2Indy/posts/why-do-candidates-resort-to-mud-slinging-and-negative-ads-in-the-later-stages-of/1967427069991211/

Ann Arbor resident Ned Staebler (Taylor, Westphal and Warpehoski donor/endorser). Staebler is a VP at Wayne State University and the CEO of TechTown Detroit, a start-up incubator.

Ned’s a former VP for capital access and business acceleration at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the taxpayer funded "job creation" entity that the Free Press revealed created mostly “inflated job creation numbers” (http://www.michiganradio.org/…/inflated-job-creation-number…). In 2012, under Ned’s not-so-watchful eye, the state of Michigan gave a company called Microposite $1.65 million in taxpayer money. The company promptly went out of business and created zero jobs. Prior to the investment, Staebler predicted, “the loans and investments will end up making money for the state in the long run.”

Ned’s a visionary like few others. His latest TechTown brainchild is a series on the “value of failure” (http://www.modeldmedia.com/fea…/failure-staebler-052917.aspx). In the case of Microposite, we know the precise value to taxpayers.

In 2009, Harvard graduate Ned Staebler had the honor of being referred to as a “crony capitalist” in the New Yorker (https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/…/10/12/inside-the-crisis) by President Obama’s economic advisor Dr. Larry Summers, a president of Harvard. Ned’s Inspire Michigan PAC and his one-man Michigan Talent Agenda Facebook page are prime examples of the misuse of Facebook to influence a local election.

The Tweet, below, sums up Staebler's strategy for his Michigan Talent Agenda Facebook page better than any comedian ever could. In short, deceptive Ned Staebler relies on his gullible #AnnArbor friends to boost his content. Not much different from his "job creation" work at the MEDC and TechTown.

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Sorry - Andrew Breitbart likely voted Biden.


Along with Michael Landon, his father on Bonanza Lorne Greene (also Battlestar Galactica) and many others you would NEVER suspect would be Biden fans.

Probably Seth Rich too (but he is at Beth El, not Hillside Cemetery).

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Problem for the bad guys this time - too many of us SAW the fraud (or at least parts of it) with our own lying eyes.

And we are PISSED. And we WON'T stay silent. And we are willing to bring down harm on ourselves (our reputations, our jobs, and even our lives) in the name of JUSTICE and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

And we are LEGION. And we know we are FAR from alone (would have been easier to try to pick us off and silence us even a few years ago).

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After the votes have been tallied, the Chief Justice, or the most senior Justice in the majority if the Chief Justice is in the dissent, assigns a Justice in the majority to write the opinion of the Court. The most senior justice in the dissent can assign a dissenting Justice to write the dissenting opinion.

If a Justice agrees with the outcome of the case, but not the majority's rationale for it, that Justice may write a concurring opinion. Any Justice may write a separate dissenting opinion.

And you can have 5 judges (minus Roberts) sign onto a single, technically "concurring" opinion. Never been done before, but that would, I think, make a Thomas "concurring opinion" full black letter law.

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More likely a Pede or other patriot. You don't potentially mess up your life and have to keep an eye out for the ANTIFA wing of the Democratic Party potentially destroying your car, setting fire to your house, or running you over or Seth Riching you for months or more -- for $25k.

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Only works with Xfinity if you have an X1 or X2 box. Is not available with older boxes/DVRs (i.e. the type before they disabled the ability to connect same to an external hard drive, and that can probably track your viewing history less).

If you have on of those, use the free Pluto app on an Amazon Firestick or other device.

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/s but not really.


Corn Pop was the name of an African American community organizer that Joe Biden threatened with violence during the Civil Rights Movement era.

Corn Pop was attempting to use a public pool, however because he was unable to afford the required swimming cap (a rule put in place to dissuade non-affluent persons from using the public swimming facility), Joe Biden banned him from jumping off the diving board.

In addition to this, Biden also ordered him off of the premises. Corn Pop then peacefully protested outside the facility. Outraged by his presence Biden confronted the young man armed with a chain.

Corn Pop was said to have had a razor blade on his person, however no witnesses have verified this to date.

Joe Biden recounted the incident many years later, describing William “Corn Pop” Morris as a “Bad Dude”.

Joe Biden's allegations of Corn Pop's character were not able to be verified by fact checkers, which caused many to refute the unfounded allegations.

Corn Pop passed away at the age of 73, surrounded by family and love ones who knew him as anything but a “Bad Dude”. He was given a funeral service at Mother UAME Church, in which Joe Biden did not attend.

Corn Pop came from a different world than the world of privilege that Joe Biden enjoyed throughout his life. Based on the brief encounter that Biden had with Corn Pop, he was labeled as a “bad dude” - however some people have criticized Biden for judging Corn Pop by both his appearance and lack of means to obtain an expensive swimming cap.

Some have likened Bidens “bad dude” lable as the product of judging a person by their appearance, rather than by the content of his character.

Perhaps there was more to Corn Pop than simply being a man who tried to swim and was persecuted by a young wealthy Joe Biden. As time progresses, we are likely to know more about this unique individual who lived in a world very different than today's world.

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Pluto concentrates on channels where the shows are likely less expensive for it to acquire. So lots of different based news channels fit in great. Also lots of older entertainment shows from before being "woke" and twerking was a thing.

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2012 article (8 years old)


Trenton, N.J., police and prosecutors claimed Daryl Brooks masturbated in public — nude from the waist down — while holding a bottle of brandy on April 19, 1995.

Those authorities found nothing fishy with many disturbing facts.

Brooks’ alleged crime took place in daylight on a busy street inside a then bustling North Trenton public housing project directly outside the window of a police mini-station.

Yet, no one saw this lewd act except two young girls — suspiciously the daughters of a drug dealer targeted by Brooks’ anti-drug activism.

That drug dealer’s daughters provided the only evidence producing Brooks’ jury verdict conviction.

Police couldn’t or didn’t produce any other eyewitnesses to Brooks’ act despite scores of people occupying the three dozen-plus apartments overlooking where Brooks reportedly masturbated at that housing project where Brooks, then a biblical college student, grew up.

Since Brooks regularly assailed Trenton political corruption before his arrest Rabbi Geller believes Brooks’ political enemies exploited that suspicious arrest to “shut him up” with incarceration which “ruined the life of a remarkable individual” by making him a life-long sex offender that blocks things like employment opportunities.

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But you DO have it.

Buy an Amazon Fire Stick on Black Friday. Make it a 4K version for a better processor. It should cost $30 or less with remote. As long as you have ANY Amazon account (not even Prime) it will work fine. And largely idiot proof. Supplied remote will likely self-recognize your TV and program itself

Plug it into a HDMI port on your TV. After setup, select the Pluto TV app. Move it to near the top of your preferred apps. Now you have tons of free channels. And all the based news channels mentioned in this thread. And 200 or so non-news channels (most of the fake networks and other stuff).

Same works without an Amazon Fire Stick if you have an Android TV box or an of a number of gaming consoles that can get Pluto. Just slightly more money or slightly less idiot proof.

Heck, once you discover the other TV apps like Crackle (that do TV, and act like TV, just via internet via a Fire Stick or other), cable becomes far less meaningful. And THEN you may discover (not in the normal Amazon list of apps but available via the "Downloader" app in the list) the KODI app.

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Open and/or concealed carry at PA polling stations is generally fine - I CCd a 9mm and two spare mags (and pepper spray) myself this AM while going to MAGA.


Voters who have a legal right to carry a firearm cannot be prohibited from entering the polling place to vote.

Pennsylvania law prohibits firearms in certain polling places, such as schools and courthouses. Since a firearm is not necessary to the process of voting, the Department recommends that counties prohibit firearms from being brought inside schools, especially if children are present and courthouses.

Although a voter with a legal right to carry a firearm may not be precluded from voting, certain other behavior is illegal. Individuals inside or outside the polling place who behave aggressively with a firearm or who ostentatiously demonstrate that they are carrying a firearm and that behavior either is intended to or has the effect of intimidating voters will be removed, reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution.

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I have seen her speak. The woman would likely raise the average IQ of the the Supreme Court a bit (and probably be better than a decent Trump pick if she was younger).

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I normally text them back with something about Pedo Joe and/or Hunter (re: that Joe should really have protected his granddaughter, and that Pedos can majorly mess up kids) with a link to some article TheGatwayPundit.com so the picture and story summary should also show up on he cucks screen.

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But discussed in local-ish red state news: https://www.kentuckytoday.com/stories/vietnamese-baptist-church-burns-amid-philadelphia-unrest,28730


“I have no idea why they attacked our church,” Pham said. “They burned it from the roof. They threw flammable chemicals on the roof and [flames] burned through the roof” and down through the rest of the building. He said the facility is a “total loss.”

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The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management has told residents in West Philadelphia, as well as Kensington, Fairhill, North Philly, Fishtown, and Port Richmond, to remain inside due to the unrest.

The Philadelphia Police Department is requesting that all residents in the 12, 16, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26th Districts remain indoors except when necessary. These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting. — Philadelphia OEM (@PhilaOEM) October 28, 2020

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Better with the video of the dude chasing the PPD and then....

NSFW (at least if you are in an office with Biden supporters): https://twitter.com/livesmattershow/status/1320888952186761218

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Last I heard, the Philadelphia PD had about 1,356 Colt Vietnam era M-16s with full "happy switches" (and not just semi-auto or 3 round burst).


Stored in a "vault" in a police building (well, not really - more in pallets in a room with a wood door that has a push button electronic lock).


Why have all that Colt goodness and never hand them out?

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G.W. has Trump beat by a county mile as to Supreme Court numbers.

As the first President, Washington was responsible for appointing the entire Supreme Court; he appointed a record ten justices, including two Chief Justices who were confirmed from outside the Court and one former Justice named as Chief Justice by a recess appointment, but not ultimately confirmed to the position.

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