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This is just pathetic, running BIden as the best the Democrats could do makes America looks bad.

Seems to me, they know already the fix is in and want a deep state puppet. The most powerful nation in the history of the planet and it looks like the Democrats are planning to steal the election. Their coup thankfully did not work so now they plan to just rig the vote.

I am not at all worried about Biden, I am very worried about election fraud.

mintscape [S] 1 point ago

Yes, I agree but it should be up to us to make the Democrats pay for their lies, cheating and murder (Seth Rich for example).

If we don't, their bullshit just gets even more brazen as there are no consequences.

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I wish yours was the top comment. As someone that was on the left a while ago, the contrast between how they get things done and how the right gets nothing done is stark.

I've heard all this "big action" stuff before, from Trump and about social media but all that happens is Twitter gets worse.

My first thought when reading that tweet was "yeah, right". It worries me I have become so cynical and I love Trump.

Why is everything on the right "coming soon" or "tick-tok" type things. It is infuriating to see the injustice that happens and there is no payback at all. Obama and the head of the CIA and FBI started a coup against the elected president, no one is in jail and the fucking judge keeps the Flynn case open that has been officially dropped.

Drain the swamp, yeah, right.

mintscape [S] 9 points ago

Something has to happen this time, past tired of Twitter and others doing this and getting away with it every time. There needs to be big action and I hope it happens.

There was a Tim Pool segment a while back where he stated very clearly if this is not addressed, it is likely Republicans could never win again and he made a very strong case.

I used to be on the left, the huge difference on the right is we are much weaker. We have the moral high ground without doubt but we never punish the left who lie, cheat and smear.

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Yes, it's the characters for Wumao.

mintscape [S] 5 points ago

A world without China would be such a far better place. It's something I've thought a lot about as I've lived there, if China goes back to being a closed isolationist country we would have a better planet.

mintscape [S] 3 points ago

We have a huge CCP problem, it depresses me even thinking about it.

They are in everything, big businesses, governments at the highest and they control so much in education, even down to the high school level. Most universities are Chinese occupied territory at this point.

I lived in China for a while, they fucking hate us and want to destroy us but our national security has failed. If you think 9/11 was an intelligence failures, it's nothing compared to what we have let the Chinese do.

mintscape [S] 6 points ago

I had the same thought when I heard what they did to GEOTUS.

CCP's lies are all fine with Twitter, just like the CCP propaganda channels on Youtube that even get fucking monetized.

Really angry about these tech cunts selling out America and regular Americans. They get away with it also, they are so emboldened they got after the president.

mintscape [S] 3 points ago

Very good thinking, seems obvious now you point it out. I don't need to say this to anyone here but mail in voting is far too risky, the Democrats just tried a coup, their normal voter fraud with mail in ballots is child play compared to that.

mintscape [S] 4 points ago

Also the least amount of people that know the corrupt setup, the fewer can blow the whistle.

mintscape [S] 1 point ago

Trump called it an "attack" for a reason, the intelligence services know for sure but can't reveal it because it would give up sources and methods.

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Coming to America too, there is for sure multiple rape gangs in Michigan. As an Ex-Muslim I will tell you that this evil is part of Islam, I grew up in the UK and saw all this in the 90s well before it made the media.

Evil cunts for sure and I am so disappointed in the UK.

mintscape [S] 1 point ago

A lot of what you say is right but I would put it differently, the UK is deep in bed with China and is trying to fence sit, so they could get a good deal with the US but also have China be a big part of their economy also.

Both Trump's team and China knows this.

Boris approving 5G meant that a lot of F-35s will not be arriving in the UK so he played himself there already. Yes the US will impose a very unfavorable trade deal on the UK, the UK has no bargaining chips at all.

This 3 years nonsense won't wash either, everyone knows they will back peddle in a year or so and especially as it is just a request to the civil service and not signed into law. China has so much control over the UK, it's beyond disturbing.

The UK's problem is they let the globalists wreck the country, it's a weak tiny island with very little power anymore, it's service economy and those services are available elsewhere.

The Trump team is already working on breaking China. Good.

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He's saying it is all the Jooz, trouble is I used to watch the Daily Show back then and Stewart was often very anti-Israel.

mintscape [S] 2 points ago

Did anyone listen to all of the interview? He also stated this: "One thing people in jail have in common, they can’t read."

mintscape [S] 4 points ago

Biden says something to the effect of "I'm glad things are going well for you, but the black community is getting killed!"

That evil shit makes me feel ill. Same old pandering race politics that used to fool people, it's ugly, racist and very dishonest.

Democrats only want votes, Biden is a racist old fuck that supported the crime bill that Clinton pushed by calling black people "super predators".

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