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Alright, let's be fair here. One of the tenants of the Trump approach is that you follow the law, even if you don't like it, or you change the law to something else and then follow that version.

In this example, "your family" did not own the house. Your father (and/or mother) did. When he/they die, it goes through the legal probate process if a will, or via the trust process if a trust.

There is an "estate tax" exemption. For 2019 that is about 11 million, give or take. So in this example, your estate taxes would be zero. You are creating a pointless emotional argument out of a non-issue, which is exactly what we rail at the left for doing.

If you don't like that argument, try this one on for size: if the dad dies, and "your family" inherits it, is that his kids? grandkids? How many ways are you going to divide the estate? Are you all jointly on the title now? Since none of you legally owned the house prior to the death, your assets just went up. That's income. And since it's excluded by the estate tax exemption, you don't get taxed.

Again, it's a false argument and a non-issue. No one likes taxes. But money always has to come from somewhere. Want low income taxes? Move to NH and pay property taxes. Want low property taxes? Move to FL and pay sales taxes.

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Don't wait until then, encourage people to move now.

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Exactly the same here. TD was the only real reason to keep using reddit. No more now!