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"Based on this initial analysis over 500,000 votes were identified that were switched from President Trump to Joe Biden. In addition to this another 2,865,757 votes were deleted." THEY F__KING STOLE 3,5+ MILLIONS VOTES, AND THIS IS JUST A PRELIMINARY ANALYSE!!!

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They cracked the Algorithm, and TRUMP WON by a Colossal LANDSLIDE!

Don't let Communists destroy A Major Event In Our HISTORY.

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Dershowitz is also running with the narrative that 'Biden' really got 80 mil votes- he is poo pooing Trumps' chances. I would be careful of his advice- he is kind of a whore.

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Even twitter changed from 'AP called it'

'Some have called this election differently'

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4chan cracked it.

He has California too- they did this is almost 30 states.

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The 'Great reset-' is European Communists and Failed Nazis seeking glory again-this time, 'globally'

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It is very clearly -being pushed against the will of the American people. Our constitution does not allow other countries to enter and change our laws, yet- our Democratic branch has become all about making us a communist country.

I would not be surprised if Obama is still in charge.

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Those are communists - and not real governors that won their election.

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No Christmas order for them.

Also- I managed to stay away from Amazon, walmart this whole lock down.

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F you Black Riffle Coffee.

Take the name 'rifle' out of your name. you can't use that if you pussy-out every time a conservative says they drink your coffee-

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Good riddance.

They are pulling rather familiar cancel culture tactics on our President.

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