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mikeroolz [S] (1 point)

I'm personally tired of needing a different app for every single damn thing when a standard mobile browser works just as well as long as the devs know what they're doing. There are very few things that actually need their own dedicated app.

If there's something you'd like different on the mobile page, tell the devs. They can make it happen. Making a mobile app is wasted effort.

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I don't get why people need an app, it works great in a browser... what would an app do differently?

You can even make a direct shortcut on your home screen. At least on Android. I dunno about iOS because I'm not gay.

mikeroolz [S] (13 points)

That wasn't the host, it was the guy recording with his phone.

mikeroolz [S] (5 points) *

I got banned for 7 days for calling Nancy Pelosi a cunt. Yes, really. They said it violates their rules against violent content. It just expired yesterday.

And the ban came 20 days after I made the post.

This is insane. They are flagging the most ridiculous shit to use as ammo to ban us.

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Fucking pedocrats.

mikeroolz [S] (4 points)

Trump has full term


Trump has BOTH full terms 👌

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I love these patriots that get down into the trenches to fight!

I also love all the losers telling them to shut up and get out as if only leftist assholes are allowed to protest things and shut down speeches, not us.

mikeroolz [S] (4 points)

They're so irrelevant that my screenshot is of a Hill article about them instead of the actual USA Today article.

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Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower.

Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Adam Schiff is a pedophile.


mikeroolz [S] (3 points)

But can we throw LUDICROUS BRICKS from the TRUMP TRAIN??

mikeroolz [S] (1 point)

I suggest (and this is a simple one) to make the hashtag symbol at the beginning of a line make the text larger like it does on Reddit.

mikeroolz [S] (2 points)

That's exactly what they're trying to do.

mikeroolz [S] (6 points)

Henry's corpse spontaneously combusted earlier this month when they announced the Mustang Mach E.

mikeroolz [S] (3 points)

Bookmarked! I know she is, just very misguided. She's not like far left Antifa stuff, just normal lefty.

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