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Even if they do, Trump made it clear vote by mail is a NO and he'll veto it. That may be the ultimate goal. Just to try to hurt him.

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She's playing politics with American lives. She knows Republicans won't pass it, so she's going to use that to bitch about muh heartless Republicans.

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That headline is a fake news lie by omission. It makes it sound like he ordered them to just shoot at Iranian boats all willy nilly for no reason.

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What a hateful racist. You could see about 2 seconds after she said that she realized she fucked up and the veil dropped as she scrambled to save face.

Very, very disrespectful.

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Stop protecting uncle joe's sweaty balls.

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I imagine this conversation happened at some point.

DNC cuck 1: "Ok ok, I got it. Let's run someone who's balls deep with the establishment this time, just like Hillary. Now hear me out, here's the twist... this time it's an old man with dementia."

DNC cuck 2: "BRILLIANT! How can we lose??"

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I thought everyone was already mad because orange man bad. What's the difference?

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Not if we keep the economy shut down and nobody drives. Checkmate, drumpftard!

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You could just take the money for the barrels and dump the oil in a river.

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Damn, CA sucks. It was $1.75 where I live yesterday.

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President Trump should issue an executive order to ban all imports of oil for several months, and then reevaluate. I'd be fine with permanently.

Saudis currently have a flood of oil headed our way. They are trying to bankrupt US oil because VSGPOTUS made us #1 in production.

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The economy is very important to them. It's important that they crash it to hurt Trump. That's the whole play.

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Nancy is busy testing the efficacy of continuous alcohol consumption in the prevention of contracting the virus. For science.

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