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i get a little pissy sometimes but my allegiance stands with trump always

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sheriffs dont deal with the dredges of the earth scum on a daily basis like regular patrol cops do

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once geotus is officially kept in office the vulcans will deem us ready and will land for first contact.

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there are people talking civil war and 1776 all over this forum. go take a xanax.

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i dont think you understood my comment, along with a few dozen others

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no idea about what? i live in trump country and know not one person who would put their lives on the line and families on the back burner to go participate in a civil war against an unknown.

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do you plan on signing up to storm their beaches?

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this, all of these kids talking 'civil war' have zero clue what they're talking about and they will find themselves in federal prisons or a cemetery if they decide to go that route. this place is quickly turning into a cringe fest.

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incredibly naïve to think than any million number of americans are going to upend their comfy life to go stampede around the streets with arms risking injury, prison or death. not happening.

mickeymantle 3 points ago +9 / -6 (edited)

its looking like biden is going in. time to really start hoarding because them truckers arent fucking around. im just about done following this sham and now solely focused on taking care of me and my own. i suggest you all do the same at this juncture.

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