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We owe it to Trump to get MAGA majorities while he's still in office.

Also, if anyone needs more reasons not to vote for Loeffler: https://www.therealkellyloeffler.com/

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Sure, but I still don't trust her. If she wants to run for the House, she's welcome to.

You say her risking her business makes her qualified, I say her business makes her a liability. Cancel culture is way too dangerous to have your money tied up in an industry that is incredibly easy to boycott. I think that there's no way she going to risk any of the high reward MAGA bills that we need in the Senate.

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Why is she working with Bloomberg's "Everytown for gun control" gun grabbing group?


  • Loeffler donated to anti-gun Democrat Kasim Reed, a very vocal proponent of rolling back our second amendment rights

  • Loeffler donated to anti-gun Democrat Debbie Stabenow who had an “F” rating from the NRA

  • Loeffler donated to anti-gun Democrat Chris Dodd who had an “8%” rating with the NRA

  • Loeffler donated to anti-gun Democrat David Scott who has a “D” rating from the NRA

  • Loeffler put on an orange vest to act like a hunter in a television spot but she has NEVER had a Georgia hunting license

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He was huge advocate for transparency and declassification on his committees in the House. I think we need that in the Senate on whatever committee he ends up on. But hopefully the intelligence committee.

"Your tax dollars paid for these reports, you deserve to see them" - Doug, paraphrased from one of his declassification rants

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Archive link of the Washington Post Article

I figure if WP is reporting on it, its probably true. Bezos owns the WP so he's incentivized to report on them, but staying honest too so they do get sued to hell and back.

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I think Kemp appointed Loeffler to appeal to centrists since he knew the seat was up for a special election anyways.

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Loeffler is partnered with Bloomberg's gun grabbing group and has donated to Maxine Waters and Debbie Stabenow in the past. And if she's against BLM why does her WNBA team openly endorse it?

Also, Doug Collins was a huge force for transparency in the initial declassification of the Russian docs that proved our intelligence community lied about spying on Trump, which is why he was chosen for Trump's defense team in the impeachment. We need MAGA people in the Senate.

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Its a special election for Johnny Isaksons seat after he retired. Kelly vs Doug vs Raphael.

If no candidate gets 50%, it goes to a runoff in January between the two highest candidates.

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And not only do they pay nothing, they also abuse the emergency room. Literally the most expensive method for treating everday problems, but why would they care? It's not their money.

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Even though its hilarious, it was also a little sad. His opener about all these people he considered his friends turning his back on him once he tried to save the country made me realize what he had actually sacrificed for this.

And then he proceeded to burn the whole place down. Exactly what we needed.

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I appreciate you sharing. I think in the grand scheme of things there's less vitriol here than reddit. Also a lot of people have been burned by the bullying of the left wing media and its supporters, even if that doesn't directly excuse their behavior.

You're welcome into the family, but this family expects you to work to better yourself and give if you can. No demands about what others should be giving. We also welcome addressing inequality, but not the crazy left wing version of "equality" that pits people against each other.

America first. Raise a family (children or a community), teach them good values, love and support your spouse.

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I think once you find out that its not a zero sum game, there's no reason (for the average person) to go back.

The only people that want that system are people who intend to exploit it.

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He does so much in making young men feel like they matter in a nihilist world. Everything feels like it revolves around beating them down every chance it gets.

Its crazy how something as simple as "Here, let fix this together. Lets make your bed, lets get better sleep, lets get on a routine, drink more water..." builds into "Now that you feel better, lets work on building meaning in our worlds and sharing that with others."

We need more Dr. Petersons in this world.

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There's more former lefties here than people realize. I would say all of us were open minded to radical change in how the government operates. The initial Trump crowd just wanted to be left alone and the initial Bernie/Obama crowd wanted everyone to be better off.

As we know now, there is no way to make people better off at the expense of others. Trumps plan somehow makes everyone better and promotes individual freedom. And the more you dig into it, all he's really doing is undoing the government chokehold on our lives and promoting American interests abroad.

It really is that simple, which makes you wonder what the hell all these other politicians were doing all along.

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Sowell said he was a marxist in his youth. It wasn't until he got his first research job in grad school (after a year in the military) that he realized how corrupt government industries were.

He was in a research program at the Dept of Labor and his job was to research the impact of increasing the minimum wage in Puerto Rico compared to wealth inequality. His colleagues were writing comparable papers about how much better off the workers were, but he noticed that there was a lot more unemployment. When he asked about it, no one would give a straight answer and claimed that it was because hurricane season damages the crops and reduces the number of people needed. Rather than take that at face value, he made an inquiry into the Department of Agriculture for the Puerto Rico records of employment for that particular crop over the past X years. After much stonewalling, he finally got the records and proved definitively that there was a significant drop in that year versus years with comparable crops and comparable hurricanes.

He thought his colleagues would be excited about his research only to find that everyone in his group now hated him. You see, many of these professional academics had made a career out of studying the impacts of minimum wage and Sowell was undermining them by trying to "oversimplify it", i.e. find an answer. He said that's when he realized that no government program could ever be as effective as the private sector and he vowed to pursue research into debunking these government funded conspiracies.

"Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality" - Uncommon Knowledge Podcast (available on spotify and youtube)

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Its Joy Villa, the owner of the twitter account. Shes the MAGA dress lady from 2016

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Two of the best lawyers in the country are working on this case. I highly doubt that they would accidentally incriminate themselves.

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Biden isn't going to arrested on tv. I suspect he's either going to have a grand jury indictment or just really damning email released on Tuesday that Trump will grill him on at the debate.

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The guy who took the laptop said Hunter was drunk through the entire exchange.

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Sacrificing your children is a hallmark of leftism.

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Its not going to happen. I suspect there will be another big Tuesday drop, enough to get traction and potentially an accompanying grand jury indictment, and Trump is going to grill him on it.

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