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No shit man

People don't realize how badly Trump is losing right now

Something is off with his energy - I think it's partly the exhaustion of the fake news attacks and the bullshit Russia collusion hoax

But he needs some new advisors to wake him the fuck up

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Guys - you're missing the point

Nobody is expected to read the content - reading the content demonstrates that it's complete bullshit, as we can see here.

The entire point of this is to be shared as headlines on social media and twitter - leftists aren't going to read these articles

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You aren't in touch with moderate normies man

I know tons of them

The basic vibe for normies that don't pay much attention to the news is that this is all Trump's fault and all this chaos is because of him and if he just goes away things will get better.

Additionally, the normies everywhere are spamming BLM - super moderate people I know are spamming BLM shit on facebook.

Trump came in too late for the 'guns blazing' - and then everything died down. So he doesn't look like he saved anything at all, he just looks out of touch.

His best political move would be to give a speech where he says "some of you folks don't like me, that's okay, but I want to thankyou for helping police the bad apples - thanks to you we never had to deploy and drastic force"

Would confer ownership and accountability and be received very well

I watch all sides so I know when our side loses. In this case there were tons of examples of demonstrators keeping bad apples in check so they are seen as the heroes here

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It's already dying down.

Unfortunately, they won the optics again, and Trump is going take a massive smash in the polls.

He was too slow to act and these animals got to act like animals unscathed until they were satisfied - then now that they're tired, the demonstrators take over and spread "black lives matter" .

Couple that with the media covering up all the destructive terrorism these people did, normies just walk away doing some virtue signaling and Trump looks bad.

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He needs to move off the platform. Everyone will follow him in droves bc some of their livelihoods depend on it

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I disagree.

The reason we have no opportunities in inner cities is these people aren't shot and killed like they would be in the old days

People acting like this being shot and killed did two things

1.) deterrence 2.) remove parasites from the system

When you don't suffer any consequences and you stand to gain (as in this case) - you're gonna have stuff like this happen

And it'll just get worse and worse

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Yeah maybe she's just consistently lying for 30 years

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Her mom called in talking about it in 93 to Larry King

That pretty much seals it

Not sure how you can have any doubt

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This is how you know that leftists are virtually mind-controlled by MSM propaganda.

I live in Texas, and for about 40% of people out there, somehow "flatten the curve so we don't overwhelm hospitals" turned into "hide from the virus indefinitely"

Many of them are slamming the decisions to re-open - blaming Trump, the governor, etc. - they're oblivious to economic damage.

It's completely asinine. They're the type that complains that people go to a park...outside. Where you're naturally keeping distance from people.

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Keep this handy any time you encounter some drool dripping moron that runs their mouth about HCQ trials because the media activated them to do so.

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Probably wouldn’t make a difference

The body has enough zinc - it’s getting into the cell that is important

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Interesting find but overall it’s not effective in late stage critical cases

It makes sense that anti viral effects (HCQ is known to be a zinc ionophore and allows zinc to enter the cell and destroy the virus replication) would only work in treatment of initial symptoms

Tamiflu doesn’t work against people hospitalized from the flu. At that point it’s not the viral load killing them

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I have no doubt the drug will be the cure and treatment of choice

I just think something is fishy about this Dr Zelenko story

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It's not a study because he's not using a group of patients as a control group, and I'm fine with that.

However, I think there's something fishy with this guy

Mainly the sheer volume of patients he's claiming to have - I find it hard to believe he's seeing 600 coronavirus patients in the area of NY he's in.

I'm in DFW and we don't even have that many total in DFW as far as I know. It just doesn't smell right.

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The alternative is seeing massive trucks constantly hauling bodies

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The flu doesn’t kill as often as this thing does

This is a super virus you can thank China for

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This is ABSOLUTELY correct

And if the parties had been reversed you'd have seen this narrative spewed 24/7 on every main network about 3 weeks ago.

"Republicans shameful impeachment stunt which was always doomed to fail distracted the nation from the virus threat"

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You’d like it to be something understandable like that yeah?

You don’t understand how pathetic these types of leftists are. CTH is just one outlet

I remember them years ago on the something awful forums.

These are not groups of people with legit disabilities

They are cancerous parasites that didn’t make anything of themselves and transitioned into adult life with suckling a combination of the govt teet and their parents

They find online hug boxes to preach communism and make up maladies to justify their fat disgusting asses sitting around posting online and playing video games all day

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