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I wonder how many new frens are here who don't know about the Tendies...

They're gonna hit the floor, bounce, and hit the floor again!

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There are people who have been reviled for years as ANTI-VAXERS

Myself among them

Hated by low information people

Drug companies are already exempt from lawsuits over vaccines

Infants less than a day old are vaccinated for Hepatitis B

Because all of us will grow up to share dirty needles and be at risk

Trump does more than have big ideas

He enables paradigmatic shifts

I rejoice daily in public questioning of medical bureaucrats

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It is sometimes helpful to place a forearm across the belly as a technique to not FEEL them so much.

It won’t make them go away, but can act as a sort of shield.

Be Best


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California grows large percentage of food in US.

Much of it is in red parts of the state.

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Please know although you feel beat down, it takes both strength and courage to reach out to others when we need help.

I honor you and thank you for posting.

We are all here for you.

In my prayers, Pede.

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It’s all related

Blessings to you and your family, Hunting Pede

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OAN still free on KlowdTV

Small monthly fee will also get you NewsMax, Info Wars, and others

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Love this post!,

MAGA, Again!

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I just keep smiling when I think of the final rallies when President Trump was cracking up that Democrats were running a candidate with dementia.

He said, “Can you believe it? This could only happen to me...”

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