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at the end of the day what op posted is the entire point. GOP is controlled opposition, by voting for neo-cucks like kemp you get a democrat who stabs you in the back instead of in the chest

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depends on what you ate. anything with garlic in it and most likely a small section of the pants would be vaporized on contact.

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i remember how close so many in BLM were to realizing the truth this summer when they talked about wealth disparity and media representation

"all the media companies are run by white billionaires, almost all billionaires are white!"

they just couldn't see past the color of somebody's skin, so what they saw was "white"

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you forget, most of the GOP is still neo-con cuckservatives. they thought they could bully just enough neo-cucks into not approving a new justice and "letting the people decide" by making the seat an election issue

as we know now, they clearly had plans to rig the shit out of this election so it would've been a done deal for them. SCOTUS being a 4-4 tie with neo-cuck roberts doing the left's dirty work leaves the steal as it stands

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That's not far off, when I see these memes something of mine definitely grows three sizes

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gibs me dats absolutely reproduce, yes. however, generally their children end up acquiring felonies preventing them from voting

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there is no tradition more American than kicking tyrannical ass on Christmas


101st Airborne

John McClane

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calipede here i won't deny there's plenty of shitbirds who leave cali and infect other states with autism but a lot of other states send us their garbage and make things worse here too

remember that leftists generally don't reproduce so if the cancer was only spreading out in one direction eventually cali would flip back red

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Calipede here, even without considering the fraud I still think if that election was re-held after seeing what Governor Needledick has done since taking office Cox would win in a landslide

Got to be at least a top 3 most hated by his constituency Governor in the country

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Schwarzenegger started doing this when he was Governor, in the sense that he was going after education reform and the teacher's union was very nearly bankrupt trying to fight back. They barely won and... Schwarzenegger never tried again because his Hollywood friends called him mean for doing it so he just stopped doing anything he campaigned on trying to do like fix this dump of a state.

Thanks Arnie I hate it.

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reality is a lot more Brave New World than it is 1984

people are numb to government authoritarianism because they're flooded with dopamine hits from social media, streaming sites, legalized marijuana, free porn anywhere you turn, fast food delivery, and so on

I used to say to shut up people bitching about "hurr durr where's my jetpack" that you can tickle a plastic brick and somebody will bring you food, modern technology is incredible and shut the fuck up. Realizing now that the average person cums to internet porn multiple times a day then binges chipotle and netflix until its time to sleep again for another 12 hours. They've got all the sentience of a fungus growing on their leftover trash in the corner, but they're still voting for gibs me dats to keep the gravy train going. They keep bitching about the jetpack because their sense of self doesn't extend beyond immediate self gratification and hedonism, all they care about is the next dopamine hit.

This is the major divide between urban and rural. I don't think anybody in America hunts because they need the food and if they don't go out and hunt then they'll starve, but my God it's so much more fulfilling of a life to live to go out in the wilderness and fish and hunt to provide for yourself as opposed to spending your entire life in front of a computer screen. That's what the Covidiots really worked to take away from us, that confidence in yourself brought about by facing challenges and overcoming them that inevitably leads to right wing individualism and voting for small government and low taxes. Directly the kind of thing the Great Reset is trying to obliterate.

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strong username to post content ratio

same here

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yeah I know a party hasn't started until I start a bet with who can intentionally piss their pants first

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ah yeah that complicates things. you're a single father but not actually a dad in the sense that those aren't your children but they're still your family. like you said, women can be weird when it comes to this kind of thing.

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under trump's 2nd term administration the members of the media will be fired

out of a cannon

into the sun

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Calipede here

Problem you're having is thinking you need to find a woman that's already everything you want. Your job as a man is to create what you want, in this life out of all things. Once you know what you want what you need to look for in a woman is one who is feminine. It doesn't matter literally anything else, if she has femininity then she is looking towards masculine leadership and guidance. Through this, you impose upon her what it is you desire in a woman and she will become these things. To men who have achieved this it's as natural as breathing but it seems like utter magic to men who've never done it before.

A lot of women will naturally be buying into media propaganda and thinking in a herd mentality, which tends to have them drift further and further left. If your woman is trainable she will become conservative. If she isn't then you shouldn't waste your time because politics will be the least of your concerns. What happens when she wants to go on a trip to a foreign country without you? Do you really think she's over there and the only thing she's doing is taking pictures for her instagram?

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I mean that's the easiest way to boil it down to but it genuinely is about male leadership in a woman's life giving her the tools she needs to excel

So in essence yes

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my lady is colombian and I actually taught myself a little bit of Spanish so that I could interact with her family

my initial thoughts of course were "man i can't wait to see the look on their faces when I understand all the shit they're talking about me behind my back"

that feel when what they're actually saying is how much they like me and how great they think i am

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baste and breadpilled

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stafford is a closeted homo

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Canada fought for the bankers in both world wars, and naturally the bankers show their everlasting gratitude by... ruining Canada, along with all other Western nations with this Great Reset nonsense

what a meme

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