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The Department of Education needs to be done away with anyways. Quality of US education has declined on record with statistics every year since it began in 1971. What you are seeing in this video is the exact reason why the Democrats wanted a Dept. of Ed. They want as many young people as possible that are dumb and ignorant.

marsajane1949 2 points ago

All 21 must have been from the 100's of ugly bar dudes, cause she definitely isn't doing any better than that. Jesus her eyebrows look like Thufir Hawat and Piter DeVries from Dune(1984)

marsajane1949 6 points ago

You are correct in saying we shouldn't do stuff like that but thats the way we have been doing it and they have done nothing but double down. Its passed time in this cold civil war to get dirty against them. Our enemy is using any and every evil and vile tactic against us because they have been exposed and are losing. If we sit idly by and try to play the nice moral guy then this will never end and it will get worse. Its time to use any and everything against them and shut them down while we have the upper hand. Even using their own tactics against them.

marsajane1949 12 points ago

To be honest. The Democrat Party is exactly the same now as it has been since the day it was created. The only difference now from the party 30 years ago is that the facade they created in the 60's and 70's has been exposed for everyone to see and not just the people who can think for themselves and take the 5 minutes to research the truth for themselves.

marsajane1949 17 points ago

They are also doing it for another reason. Kinda the reverse of what you said also. Skewing the polls gives them a win-win on talking points after the election. They are obviously planning and trying to cheat as much as possible so if Biden wins by them cheating, they can have a defense when Trump tries to expose their cheating by saying "we didn't cheat, just look at the polls before the election"

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Karmas a bitch... Guess her mother and cousin wanted to have a word with her in person.

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LeBron should have finished school or either he had his grades given to him so that he was eligible to play. This guy is beyond stupid. He thinks he is smart while at the same time being played and told what to repeat without thinking for himself. He's a smug asshole who is dumb as a rock but believes he is smart. Imagine having an ego like that just because you are good at running back and forth and throwing a ball. He thinks he is some kinda God but in reality he is nothing but a parasite on human society!

marsajane1949 5 points ago

UGHHHHHHH. jesus she is nasty. What an embarrassment.

marsajane1949 125 points ago

Yep, The fact that they are even at the White House and not at their own State Governors, Mayors, and House and Senate Reps houses shows that all this is, is exactly what you said.

marsajane1949 116 points ago

Why are they even protesting at the White House? Trump has nothing to do with what happened or what local police departments, AGs, and governors do in their state when it comes to the police. The fact that they are protesting at the White House just shows that these continuing protests are BULLSHIT and have nothing to do with George Floyd. If it was real and organic they would be protesting at the Governors, Mayors, and their Representatives and Senators houses. Not the White House. It's so obvious the protests in DC are a bunch of BULLSHIT!

marsajane1949 9 points ago

Lindsey is gonna have problems next week. Everyone i know in SC that isn't a Dem is voting for someone else in the primaries. He hasn't done anything but talk because he is trying to delay delay delay because he was in on a lot of shit with McCain. Its so fucking obvious.

marsajane1949 15 points ago

LOL, let them quit. They will be begging for their job back in a month.

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