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I was kind of shocked when the USPS endorsed Biden. I thought because they're a government agency with government oversight that they couldn't endorse a candidate. I know they're like a hybrid of private/government, but I wasn't aware they endorse/lobby like that. ESPECIALLY when they're in charge of all the mail in ballots for the actual election. That seems like a crazy conflict of interest.

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Not as many as you think.

A lot of people feel burned by these two running for Senate and you can't blame them. They turned their backs on Trump. They're not at all interested in helping him or defending him. They don't show up to rally's. They don't talk about it at all.

They're not concerned at ALL about the fraud. They're concerned about themselves. Fuck everyone else. Including Trump. They don't want to look into the fraud, they're just concerned about locking in the Trump votes so they can get their seats and live the easy life. They won't even bring up the fact that they got fucking shafted in this fraud.

They're fucking pathetic and honestly, they don't deserve to even be senators. But they're forcing the people into a position where they HAVE to vote for them, even when they don't want them. That's fucking underhanded and they may end up paying for that. None of these people get it. People aren't voting for them. They're voting for Trump surrogates.

I'm not saying don't go vote, but I totally understand the people that don't want to.

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You should probably do a bit reading about contested states and how all you need is one rep and one senator for the VP to nullify the contested states electors completely.

No one is walking anyone out. It's part of the law and well within their rights as law makers.

Keep up now.

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You know, at this point, fuck anyone that associates themselves with 'minorities'. I'm fucking tired of hearing that word. You're either American, or you're not.

People need to get over this race/gender/sexual orientation bullshit. It's long since worn out its welcome

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I love her little squeak. She is so fucking pissed off that she got called out and she doesn't have anything to counter it. "Oh maybe we should invite them back IN.

She's embarrassed because she's a fucking idiot and she's all worked up.

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Breaking up the monopolies is what they want. It forces the company to sell off it's assets which give the shareholders a nice return on their investments only for them to gobble the assets back up under a different umbrella group. Just like AT&T/MaBell did.

Fuck breaking them up. Shut them down. Fine the FUCK out the companies into bankruptcy. Slap fees and fines on them so hard that it destroys the companies stocks and the investors pull out, leaving the FaceBook and Twitter holding the bag. Is it anti capitalism? Yeah. But what they're doing is anti american. I'll take the former over the latter. It's a necessary evil.

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This is the only way to draw attention to what's going on. The censorship is so fucking great, they have to scream crazy shit at the top of their lungs to try to break through to people.

And this shit is PROBABLY going on. it's not even that far fetched. You have a company that was created by Chavez to rig his elections for him. The people involved realize that there's a HUGE demand for this. They incorporate. They tailor their software. They then make back door dealings with politicians all over the world promising them how to ensure a win. Then they present to the public about how they're on the up and up with a dog and pony show. They get paid HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in contracts (fun fact: The Dominion machines? The state doesn't own them. They RENT them.) and they provide support/whatever for them for extra.

This is actually a clever fucking business model. They're a private company so they don't disclose their IP. No one can prove they're rigging it. The states don't own the hardware, so they can't just take one and crack it open without risking litigation. You back door deal with politicians and they keep it quiet because by exposing them, you expose yourself. The dishonesty forces loyalty.

The only real chink in their armor is that they outsource a lot of their IT services and I'm not sure why. I know they can't be in all places at once, but I'd want to see their training documentation for the contracted IT people and what they were contracted specifically to do. It's an all in one solution, so the only reason you'd need IT on the ground is for networking or real basic tech support like, turn it off and on again. Dominion had actual employee's in the key areas though. I'd love to get my hands on internal documentation or even a fucking image of these machines. We don't even need the source code (though that'd be nice since we could see what's commented out and any actual comments from the programmers). We could just decompile the image and reverse engineer.

This stuff isn't as far fetched as you might think it is. They've had years to build it up and perfect it. Years to get connections and deals going. This is actually a well developed con.

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I don't see this as being a positive unless they're going to shut down FaceBook completely.

I see this as being a tool to add more censorship and restrictions of free speech. They'll get slapped because they're not doing ENOUGH to get rid of 'extremists' and 'undesirables'. Like that one cunt in the senate hearing was upset because Twitter and FaceBook haven't done enough to shut Trump up. That shit left me actually speechless to hear that. Like, wow. This is how far we've sunken. This is how childish our politicians are. They want MORE censorship and banning.

And for what? Because people don't believe the election was valid? No shit, it's not valid. Look around. It's pretty transparent for anyone to see. People questioning the election process damages the country? No, it's the election process that damages the company. Not the questioning of it. It's these 11th hour changes to voting that weren't adopted as law or amended in the state constitution that hurts confidence.

I don't give a fuck what happens, Biden will never be seen as a legit president. Ever. And no matter what, anything he says will be ignored by over 80 million people. This makes America look so bad to the world. The world knows he stole it. You think they're going to respect someone like Biden? They're not. But I can tell you that they respect Trump. Because he earned their respect. I honestly wonder if Biden comprehends that? That he's not going to be treated seriously by the world or his own country. I would seriously pay good fucking money to see him heckled at public appearances or have an actually honest journalist just berate the fuck out of him with questions. Yeah, he'll get escorted out, but it'd make Biden look like the fucking clown he is.

We seriously need to consider invoking the Insurrection Act and locking all this shit down until we figure out what the fuck happened. It's going to look bad. It's going to look REAL bad. But this might be the only way. Lock the government down with the Insurrection Act. Scare the FUCK out them. Then tell them in no uncertain terms that we're gonna get to the bottom of this election fuckery, no matter how long it takes. If it turns out the President lost, then alright. Insurrection Act lifted and Trump walks. But IF it turns out that Biden cheated, tribunals get set up and heads begin to roll. And we WILL find you. And you WILL face judgement. If you don't want your head on the chopping block when the time comes, it's in their best interests to step forward right now, because the door is closing. These fucking pieces of shit don't remember what fear is. They need to be reminded of it. They need to understand that it's not a bluff.

Democrats think we're just going to whine then go away. That we're not going to do anything about it. Because they think they hold the cards. Invoke the Insurrection Act. Show them this shit isn't a fucking game and we're not bluffing. We're going to smoke them out and if they're not on our side, they're our fucking enemy that needs to be put down. Democrats threaten riots. Republicans need to threaten civil war and follow through on that threat.

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It shows she's a real person and not just a coached actor paid to lie about fraud. This is important since it drives holes through people just lying about shit. It shows she's a real person from the community and is genuine.

She's not the best speaker, but you also have to realize that she was under pressure from three extremely hostile people sitting in leather chairs that stared at her with utter disdain and hatred. You'd fuck up a bit too knowing the whole world is looking at you on top of being towered over by people that hate you for telling the truth.

I liked that her ghetto came out a bit. She's not an intellectual that is always proper. She's from the city. And she doesn't take shit. She's real and she's not making shit up. It actually adds to her credibility.

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Stop with this 'greater super secret 12D chess move plan' crap. There's no plan. There's just not. Shit is hanging by an actual thread. If there was a plan, it would have come out already. There's no 'entrapment' plan or 'let them unspool the rope they'll hang themselves with.' The Republicans aren't any smarter than the Democrats. Don't think for a second that there aren't INCREDIBLY intelligent Democrats that are working to subvert. Don't underestimate them. That's the biggest mistake you can make. They are every bit as equal as every one of us. They deserve the respect of any enemy, because that's what they are. You never discredit an enemies playbook.

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Let's cut the shit, okay? There is no rule of law when it applies to some and doesn't for others.

Laws are man made. Rights are God given (if you believe in that thing). The Law doesn't give a shit about your faith. It doesn't concern itself with philosophy or theology. So no, you're wrong. Laws aren't God governed. They're invented by man.

Laws don't matter when when people don't follow them and they're encouraged to not follow them. The only ones playing by the rules and following the laws is Trump. And they're using that against him. Sometimes you have to step out of bounds of the 'law' and do what's necessary.

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Dickhead, what don't you understand? If they aren't stopped right now with election fraud, there won't be anymore elections. PERIOD. They will never allow another person that isn't in line with the communist party to get anywhere close to the oval office again. Then, they'll rig the house elections. Then the senate. They'll give themselves a super majority in all branches. Because no one stopped them right here, right now.

You want to let that 'process play out?' only to cry and moan when the boot is already on your neck? When it's too late to do anything?

If the Insurrection Act is what it takes to purge this infection and lance the wound that has festered in our country, then that's what has to be done. I don't see any other way, honestly. You're not going to get these people out by 'voting' them out. Clearly. You remove them. You purge it all. All at once.

That's why you invoke it.

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The only reason they want to push KamelToe is because she's pliable. Because she will do what she's told. She won't ask questions. She won't let morality get in the way of corruption.

She also thinks that her name will be chanted for years to come and her name will be in the history books for being the first female VP and become the first female POC president. This is what she wants. She wants people to worship her. She doesn't care about the American people. This is all about her. I don't even think she cares about her parties ideals, I think she looked at Obama, saw all the money he made, all the adoring people, all the respect, and said "I want that."

Funny thing is, she's not really President if she's installed after the removal of Biden. She'd be 'acting President'. So her stunt to be female/POC president will never be what she wants it to be. She'd be a stand in. She would have never been accepted by the American people if she ran for President. So it's forever tainted.

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I think that was part of it, but I also think Biden is more than on board of it all.

You have to remember his little Ukraine speech. You can tell from his story, he took it personal when the Ukraines said 'you're not the president of the US, you can't with hold aid.' Or when he was in the debate with Trump, he said 'I AM the Democrat Party.' Biden WANTS to be president. He wants to be the 'Big Guy'. He wants to be in charge. He wants the respect. He wants to be the one everyone looks to. He wants people to think he's smart. That's why he FREAKS out when anyone calls his intelligence into question. He wants to be the head. He's always wanted this. This is why he's run for President every chance he could for the past 30 years.

The real power behind him knows that. They know he's a fucking crook. They know this is what he's wanted since forever. They're using his ambition as a means of controlling him. And he's too stupid or old to realize it. They knew that he would play ball with all the corruption and fraud in the election and not ask questions about it, because he doesn't care. He wants to sit in the oval office. The powers that be know they can pull him out at anytime simply by using his health issues against him. So if he gets out of line, they can just pull him out. Not that he would. He just wants people to look up to him and respect him. That's all this is about for Biden. He doesn't have ideas. Why do you think he didn't talk about policies? Because he wasn't told them. Because they don't trust him to not fuck it up and give too much away. Biden thinks this is his way of etching his name into the history books.

I don't want the guy that wants to be President. I don't. I want the guy that DOESN'T want to be President, but doesn't see anyone else getting the job done, so they stand up. That's the guy I want.

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It sounds like your company was actually half way competent.

The company I was (I was an embedded engineer) at gave all developers unrestricted access to source. Push/Pull/Commit/Clone. It didn't matter if you were were on the UX end. You got full access to the repos. All of the repos. Including the beta/bleeding edge/regression/smoke testing. This company pulls/pulled in millions of dollars. They're niche, but they make/made a shit ton of money when I was there.

I was never comfortable with how lax we were with giving access to eng servers to employee's.

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And? Is IBM credited by Microsoft and Apple for their 'inventions' of the GUI? No? Well, shit! I guess Gates and Jobs totally came up with the idea of a User Interface all by themselves and totally didn't steal it from IBM because it's not credited! Fucking IBM. I bet they didn't graduate from MIT either!

You're still a fucking moron and the dude has more credentials, respect, acclaim, and intelligence than you will ever have. Even being admitted to MIT is a big deal. Getting multiple degree's and doctorates from MIT means a bit more than a 2 year community college certificate.

Bottom Line: I'm going to believe the guy that has a clear understanding of software/engineering/math/science over a nobody like you.

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You don't understand what reputation means.

If these people say things they can't directly back up, they don't work again. Ever. They get hammered with lawsuits. If what they were saying is false, they'd have been served with cease and desist orders. Not lawsuits. But they haven't.

Sidney Powell is a Federal Prosecutor. You don't achieve that by throwing around accusations you can't back up. Why are simple concepts so hard for you to grasp. From your post history, you have real problems with basic comprehension and understanding. You also like to ignore facts when they're in your face and just double down on the personal insults.

Oh, also. Claiming that Dominion engages in active voter fraud and even has it as a special function is INCREDIBLY damaging to the company. They're going to go under over this. No one will touch them again. So, yeah. If it were untrue, you'd sue the FUCK out whoever is saying it. It's a bit more damaging to the company than a 'pedo guy'. This is a nail in the coffin for Dominion. They won't be able to recover over accusations like this. I'm POSITIVE they lost contracts with other countries/states/counties/provinces already over this. If you don't think this hurts their bottom line, you're a fucking moron that doesn't understand the most basic of business concepts. They probably have employee's resigning and quitting over this shit because they see the writing on the wall and they don't want to be associated with something that could get them put in prison. They're not a publicly traded company. That's weird. Almost like, if they're publicly traded, they'd have to disclose financials. Weird how their financial firm is ALSO private (and is run by the Soros foundation).

Get the fuck out of here.

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You don't seem to understand that the Military doesn't want to turn their weapons on their own countrymen. How many wouldn't obey the order? How many would join the other side? How many would stand down? How many would be so demoralized that it breaks down the chains that link the military?

I wonder how civil wars are fought in other countries against larger military forces. Shit, by your logic, we totally owned the fuck out Afghanistan and Vietnam, right? We had a bigger military force. They couldn't do shit right?

Also, who's in charge of the military again? Trump? Oh. Who can use the insurrection act? Trump? Oh.

A surge of enough people, regardless of might, is going to sway anything.

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No, it tells everyone that he invented the protocols that are widely used for modern emails to function. Without those protocols, we wouldn't have email as it exists today. Without him, you wouldn't have bcc, cc, among other features. You're saying he didn't? Because a guy from Raytheon, a company that specializes in killing people said he didn't? Because Raytheon doesn't lie. At all. Right? He's smarter than you will ever be, my dude.

The dude has two undergraduate degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. A master's in visual studies and mechanical engineering, also from MIT. A PhD in Bio Engineering, also from MIT. What were your credentials again? Are you an expert in the field? ANY field? I'm going to believe he knows more about math, algorithms, and programming than you ever will.

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Dude is a professor at the most acclaimed tech focused college in the WORLD.

Pretty sure he knows a thing a two. Clearly more than you. So who's word am I going to take? The guy who has a Phd from MIT? Or you, who's done nothing worth even deriding?

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Dude has a Phd from MIT. Sorry you couldn't graduate from ITT. He's smarter than you. Has done more than you. Is more successful than you. Are you so butthurt because someone with actual knowledge shuts down your world view?

You don't get degrees from MIT let alone doctorates by being a fucking moron. It doesn't matter if he invented email or not (he did). He knows more about software engineering and analytics than you do and has the credentials to back them up.

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