malthrax [S] 11 points ago

The "request relief" needs to include PUNISHMENT for the persons who infringed.

malthrax [S] 2 points ago

languishing on the FDA Approval docket for its mandatory 5-10 year review

malthrax [S] 2 points ago

2016 Gallup poll said Trump had a 1% chance of winning the election

I don't put much stock in polls.

malthrax [S] 5 points ago

Don't Jews typically vote democrat?

Fake "hollywood jews" (sometimes referred to as JINOs) vote democrat.

malthrax [S] 3 points ago

"Jews are much easier target they won't cause civil unrest"

What happened to "never again" ?

malthrax [S] 2 points ago

turn it over and use the other side, duh...

malthrax [S] 2 points ago

Oddly, the largest beneficiary of Social Security is also the largest at-risk group for the China Virus.

malthrax [S] 38 points ago

or they COULD just keep it and not ever need to buy it again... its not like toilet paper "spoils".

malthrax [S] 34 points ago

by this time, tens of thousands of Americans were dead from H1N1, but nobody gives, or gave, a shit about that.

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