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Im sure hundreds of different operatives came up with their own schemes to throw biden a few thousand votes each. The guy that registered P.O. boxes is different from the guy harvesting ballots from the homeless

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I think they thought if the fraud was large enough and tainted legitimate votes no judge would have the balls to throw out that many votes

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Is this for real? Is there any legitimate explanation for where an extra million mail-in ballots came from?

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The thing is these foreign wars are making him and his war machine buddies rich. Of course he wants more of them

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They would have stopped the trials already if people were dying

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Lol what kind of nonsense bs post is this? No one is going to force you to vax

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Fear of the violent left if we dont let them get their way i think

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This is definitely it. We see our country falling apart and 20% would rather give in to try to maintain stability rather than stand up for what is right come what may.

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"This is the story right here" Go fuck yourself Tucker you lil bitch

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It is hilarious watching Tucker trying to pull back viewers with their google manipulation is stealing word play, but also google's actions are a massive donation in kind to the Democratic party and they should be prosecuted for that behavior

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yawn infighting bullshit. Who cares

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"We only keep back up footage for one day... thats standard practice"

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Its hilarious how antifa is shilling for fucking biden. They cant even stick to their own bullshit principles

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