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I Love China

Communism works, if it didn't work it wasn't real communism

I get paid $30million and I am a victim of slavery and systemic racism and no opportunities

I Love China More Than That Player Who Loves China


Below is a message they will be allowed to have. The WNBA players could also wear it proudly:

I Am A Man

What country is the NBA in?

Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can)


The list of the approved suggested social messages, per the source, for the back of the NBA jerseys: Black Lives Matter; Say Their Names; Vote; I Can’t Breathe; Justice; Peace; Equality; Freedom; Enough; Power to the People; Justice Now; Say Her Name; Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can); Liberation; See Us; Hear Us; Respect Us; Love Us; Listen; Listen to Us; Stand Up; Ally; Anti-Racist; I Am A Man; Speak Up; How Many More; Group Economics; Education Reform; and Mentor.

Missing from that list: Free Hong Kong.

Right now, slaves in Asia are very busy, working their 12-hour days and 6 days a week, for around $50 a month, so these crybabies can push for their South African idea, maybe Zimbabwean idea, of black communism.

Will boycott the fanless farce of a league.

Hopefully all police boycott the disease-infested Disney arena as all the players hate them.

Any player that plays on a court painted for the communist BLM is evil.

Most are just stupid, but by going along either for the money or just because they are scared they are part of it.

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At least that "racist" rope stays there the entire game.

The Lakers "fans" arrive a half hour into the game, then take the third quarter off, and then leave halfway through the last quarter.

That was when the NBA allowed in "fans", not these days when they plan to play in a globalist Disney bunker with communist propaganda painted on the court and with anti-police and anti-West insults on the back of their jerseys.

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The casino owners may want to learn some things.

Lebanon was a big happy place with lots of casinos, and Mickey Rooney filmed a movie there, and then "palestinians" arrived in ever-increasing numbers and in a few years the place was just rubble.

The angry muslim world has tried to align itself with "indigenous" groups all over the West, to cause trouble. Many are stupid enough to fall for their tricks.

"Palestine" is Hamas. Hamas is a terror group. Those who support them, wave their flags, try to send them millions of dollars in the final minutes of their horrible Presidential term, they are also terrorists.

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Three of those things cost a few cents each.

The bottom right, a group of Third World dictatorships who gather together with their diplomatic immunity and free food and running over pedestrians in New York City, they cost the West trillions of dollars plus they conquer many parts of the West every year with their Replacement Immigration orders.

The bottom right, they abuse more women around the world with their blue helmet "peacekeepers" than any group has ever done.

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this event is gonna be biblical.

Hopefully one of the happier parts.

Keep the floods and plagues away.

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Chuck Cunningham Syndrome

Fun to learn new things.

The daughter disappearing on Family Matters was strange.

The overweight son on Step By Step also was disappeared from his show.


Happy Days also started this?

The Ted McGinley Syndrome

His arrival on a show would coincidentally be when the show went bad and got cancelled.

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Carl appeared here before:


Another police TV show which will be deleted so nobody can watch? All because globalists don't think a family matters.

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Police need to be able to speak, and to use their voice at a volume that it alerts people.

Police also need to have a plentiful oxygen supply.

In the past, the only times police wore a mask was when they were arresting the worst of the worst, and their identity needed to be shielded so they and their family were safe.

Looking at Oregon stats.

Driving on Oregon roads will kill as many people as the Chinese coronavirus will.

The average age of those killed by the Chinese coronavirus in Oregon seems close to 80 years old.

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Once mentioned that he was bigly anti-Trump in his past, and the great highlight of the primary elections was he and his small crowd outside and then they received a message from above, the mighty Trump 757 flew over them, and many thought that should not be brought up these days.

Once mentioned that the beard makes him much better.

Once mentioned he was unelectable as President of the USA.

Once mentioned maybe he could save Canada, get voted into parliament there.

Would seem don't have a consensus.

He does a lot more good than most.

His jokes about playing basketball at Duke were great.

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Police horses are the best horses.

All over the West, corrupt politicians have been defunding the police horse units for many years.

They use the scam of "animal rights" to remove something that keeps the taxpayers safe.

Why Budget Cuts Can Hit Mounted Police Units First - Bloomberg

From 2011:

New York's mounted unit has shrunk considerably over the last decade: it now has 79 police officers and 60 horses, down from the 130 officers and 125 horses it had before, Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne said.

From last month:

The Baltimore City Council eliminated $22 million from the police budget. What does that look like?

Getting rid of the mounted unit frees up about $554,000.

The horses have previously been used for special events and traffic control, but the unit has often come up as a suggested area for cuts. It is the country’s oldest continuously operating horse brigade.

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Those warning signs can save lives.

Not sure what the horse sign is selling. Am guessing it is a dating service for horses.

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Am guessing, it is against the law in NYC to wear an armored vest?

Looked it up.

You can wear it.

If you are a convicted felon, or you are doing a crime at that moment, not allowed to wear it.

That was a state law that was found.

Maybe it has changed, the crazy Mayor probably hasn't gotten to that on his list of crazy yet.


Has anyone manufactured a bulletproof coronavirus mask?

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Above, just an artist's impression, not the official anti-whatever slogan NBA jersey.

It might be?

"I don't want nothing to do with white people. I don't believe they want anything to do with me. I don't want no (white) friends. It's me and my boys" - LeBron James in an episode of his HBO show "The Shop".

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The NBA, under this new commissioner who got the job based on who he knew and not what he can do, is just part of the UN-DNC.

They are political, they are an extension of the globalist party.

The trouble the NBA caused North Carolina because they didn't want men using the ladies restroom, giving them the All-Star Game and then cancelling it, it cost the state millions of dollars. A political party, or an extortion group?

An unelected "sports" league that decides what legislation is allowed. Crazy.

Taxpayer funded. That now means defrauded.

The Milwaukee Bucks' new $525 million arena is being built with $250 million state tax dollars.

No surprise: Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry among Hillary Clinton's major fundraisers

Marc Lasry invested $1M in Chelsea Clinton's husband's hedge fund

What a scam.

Taxpayers are forced to give huge amounts of money to a privater business.

The owner of that business then "donates" a lot of that money to Hillary Clinton, and now to Creepy Joe Biden.


The NBA players chew and spit, and kneel, for the US anthem but stand at attention for the Chinese anthem.

That was on display a year ago at the basketball world championships in China.

Will once again have to boycott, no fans, no sports, just UN communist propaganda.

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No country has a British History Month?

USA does not.

Great Britain probably does not because it would be "racist" to "Asians".

July 5th

National Bikini Day

So not all of these special days/months are trash?

Most are.

Going over the list of month-long observances, the rainbows and transformers also get October?

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BLM Is Run By Soros Deputy

Can get "deputy" into this one twice!

The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada is a Soros Deputy Too

A Toronto newspaper has revealed that Canada's leading Russia hater, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, had a deal with George Soros to write his biography after she had lost her journalist jobs at the Financial Times and Reuters, and before she started her run for election to the Canadian parliament.

The BLM won't be able to match this:

Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator

Freeland knew her grandfather was editor of Nazi newspaper

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Nearly forgot.

As Canada is dead, as Moron Trudeau has turned it into the UN's "first post-national state", it is easy to overlook.

Why celebrate its birthday if it is effectively dead, due to P Trudeau's Open Borders.

On a more important note, compared to the genocide of the old stock Canadian people and the transformation of the former Stanley Cup-winning country into a terror wasteland, someone in SillyCon Valley has been deleting all those "brownface" Trudeau pictures.

You used to be able to search, and thousands of them would appear.

Now only a handful are found, surrounded by many other pictures of him/her without the "brownface".

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Don't have to write it, already said above.

The Canadians who lost their west coast city do refer to it as Hongcouver.


How many there could say they will be "persecuted"?

Around 7million.

So, around 6,505,000 new DNC voters.

This is not putting Hong Kong people down, the above numbers, as compared to the other 600 immigrant groups from the Third World who invade the West they are one of the better ones.

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Will never support Third World backdoor citizenship scams called whatever visas.

The debt can be $0, the unemployment rate 0%, would still not let one of those H1-B or similar in.

Would also never give money to Apple.

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Back in New York City a few years ago, the Global Warming cryfest was cancelled because it was too cold?

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Never knew I would end up hating McDonald's.

They removed all the fun things, like Grimace and coupons. They allowed Third World people to take over franchises and to run them as they would in their foreign lands. They went as far away as they could from the McDonald brothers ideas of quality and good value food.

They took away the train carriages they used to have parked outside some restaurants that could have family parties?

Am sure there was a party at a McDonald's caboose.

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The ANC had their terror wing, Mandela founded it.

The DNC have a huge amount of terror wings, and they brought back their BLM one because they are the easiest to trick and use when chaos is needed by the DNC before elections.

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The British had a rental agreement for 99 years.


At midnight on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was peaceably handed over to China

China gets it all, but they were supposed to wait.

One Country, Two Systems' Arrangement Until 2047

More important to think about China taking over San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, and of course all the US farming including the largest pig farm group in the world.

The Swamp let China take South Dakota farms, huge bacon production, more important to get those away from them than to borrow money from China to then give to people in Hong Kong to protest China.

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They will vote for Biden, and Biden will then put 11million new voters in via amnesty, and then four years later when President Kamala is in power, as Creepy Joe Biden is in a retirement home with 24hour care as he thinks his name is Lucy and he talks to Margaret Thatcher on the phone every day, there will be hundreds of millions of "immigrants" arriving in the USA.

Canada and Moron Trudeau changed rules, sped things up, to have more "immigrant" voters. He/she won.

Some sad headlines:

These Syrian refugees became Canadians. Just in time to vote.

Conservatives Say 90% Of Trudeau's Syrian Refugees Are Unemployed

How migration shaped Canada's election

Obama Endorses Trudeau for Re-election Ahead of Canada Vote

90% of "immigrants" are anti-Trump, and therefore anti-USA. Their votes, exit polls, other polls, all prove that.

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