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This is why I support GEOTUS. He supports women and their personal boundaries unlike these commie creeps

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I love our 1st amendment rights, but these people don't deserve them

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You shouldn't even be on reddit anymore if you value your brain cells. T_D is the only place where in get my news anymore since I know we're actually unbiased here

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GEOTUS is must be the only politician alive that isn't a pedo or has no sexual allegations lobbied against him

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Fuck our shit governor for standing with anarchy rather than the rule of law. NJ is cucked to all hell and it's gonna get worse with all these criminals released. Most are blacks and mexicans anyway, go cry about it if you deny factual statements.


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It's been proven that a lot of the money goes to paying their protestors and looters

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Everyone forgets that basically every Democrat was in Epstein's black book. Prosecute them all and reelect GEOTUS since he's the only one we can trust

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Trump has already made incredible progress with prosecuting Obongo, Killary, and Co. If we don't reelect him then they'll get off without so much a slap on the wrist

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Should've replied in broken spanish like Robert Francis "Bolshevik Beto" O'Rourke would've

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I'd honk my horn for a minute straight if I drove past this

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At this point, wearing a face mask is just a sign of low IQ and mindless compliance.