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and youre a navy seal with 8 tours and a confirmed kill count of 125 yeah yeaahhhh stupid liar at least be realistic jesis

im in texas, high five at the beginning of a RN career is pretty solid


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i will queerbait

keep living your life as a hothead see where that gets you

me i'll be working in western medicine making high 5 figs while you have no job due to a felony

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you sound like a kid with no planning ahead of time just a victim of your own hubris and arrogance

oh and fuck you bitch

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youre a dumb shit

you dont go out there, life isnt a movie

fuck you bitch die in hell

stupid stupid shit all pumped up on bravado, look hes in jail now and thats you too if you dont slow down and use your mind to think

the cops were there in tanks what the fuck was he doing out there?

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fuck you pussy fucking call of duty dipshit

kyle could be walking free if he didnt get all pumped up like superman on that fantasy shit

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