magafi 9 points ago

WTF I hate avocado toast now ;)


magafi 2 points ago

What are the stupidest fake news that msm could sell for stupid democratic voters as a “news”?

-Trump is working for China? (new Russia Russia Russia) -Mass shooting, a shooter was wearing two maga hats with a “Trump2020” forehead tattoo? -Biden has over 50% support? ...

magafi 4 points ago

Do you believe more in people or media and polls?

magafi 7 points ago

But he wasn’t real Mexican, only Warren level!

magafi 2 points ago

Lawless utopia. Get your popcorn ready.

I really hope this chaz larp area is shutdown completely from the outside. (No one gets in anymore, but whoever wants out, will get out. The last one wins one year in prison). Video cameras everywhere and social experiment of socialism starts. “But real socialism has never been tried” ;) LOL

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