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Even if Republicans stonewall the effort, it won't really matter because Biden can "delegate" to Harris and she can do all the work. He'll just become a figurehead that just signs the papers. Pure puppet president.

You really think Biden is in the right mind to resist anything at this point? C'mon, man!

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I mean, they're doing it right now. Both have slipped up and referred to it as the "Harris" or "Harris-Biden" admin at this point.

My theory is that Harris was the "chosen one" for the DNC. Then Tulsi eviscerated her. DNC threw Tulsi under the bus, but wanted to force Harris on everyone. Enter slow-mo Joe. Throw Bernie under the bus too. Biden gets nominated, selects Harris for VP, who really had no support anyways, but now can become president, bypassing that annoying "democracy" in the primary process.

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Nice passive-aggressive strawman. Real lefty spice on that one. What do you think of Trump btw?

I never said I wanted to emulate them. Retake an English reading/comprehension class.

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I'm not interested in the demoralizing going on here, but Barr needs to step up his game.

Rioters got arrested for obvious crimes within weeks/months. Why aren't Comey, Clapper, and others locked up already after YEARS? Clear sedition.

Meanwhile, Flynn, Manafort, and Stone get arrested/charged/etc. for minor/trivial things. It's clear which way the wind blows here.

Really getting to be a hard sell with the whole "optics during an election" argument and I've been a HUGE supporter of that notion.

This will be America's last election for me. If the swamp isn't significantly drained (ie. CONVICTIONS) by midterms, I'm convinced there's no redeeming the system. I'm basically already at that conclusion at this point, but a second Trump term will confirm it either way. If he can't fix it with second term immunity, we have no real hope legally.

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If hiring far-left Donna Brazile wasn't a red flag, FOX viewers are actually retarded. Hell, Juan Williams should be a major flag too with his constant radical talking points for the past few years.

Never welcome evil into your house. It will only fester.

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I support this, but they're already hunkered down in these positions after decades of ignoring the problem.

We need to blitz our way in somehow. Trump isn't enough.

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What are we supposed to learn exactly? Nobody of importance ever gets held accountable? That we shouldn't even try? That we can be victims and be treated like slaves to be abused without consequence?

What exactly should we have "learned" by this point, huh? I'm dying to hear your response.

When words fail to get results, you need to look at what works. BLM/Antifa are getting results. Can you blame some for wondering after nearly 4 years of failing on Trump's biggest campaign promise? Patience is a finite resource.

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The left's biggest tool is media right now. Conversely, the biggest motivator for people is personal safety.

If we had fair media, we could lock up all of these assholes today. We don't. So we have to bait them into looking bad.

The general steps are this:

  1. Democrat voter living their life in a city.
  2. Hear about BLM/Antifa, say "I support that."
  3. BLM/Antifa shows up, starts yelling. They still support it.
  4. BLM/Anfitfa provides cover for burning down their friend's house/business, they're a little upset, but maybe it's not so bad?
  5. Then it keeps happening. A lot.
  6. Democrat voter wonders why the media won't cover it. Don't they care? Do their lives not matter?
  7. They try to have their voice heard, like Democrat leaders always say, but no one seems to listen.
  8. They get right-curious, or just desperate, and realize the sham they've been a part of. The echo chamber breaks with the programming.
  9. Another secret vote for Trump.

Best advice: let them riot, but be ready to defend yourself, lethally if need be (and ONLY if need be!). Your life matters, so take care of it!

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Part of it is similar to "calling their bluff". This forces them to keep up appearances since we're not attacking them. They must keep up the illusion of being apolitical investigators to some level (even if just a little).

It's too early to call out the FBI, despite the obvious issues. There's public opinion to consider. We need the public to "figure it out themselves". This takes time. Strike too soon and they'll call us conspiracy nuts.

So for now, we attack the little idiots, so we can encircle and trap the bigger ones. They know this strategy and now we know it. This is why they're so worried. We're playing smart now, not hard and they aren't used to this game.

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The priorities of a government employee (see 'bureaucrat') are as follows:

  1. Acquire the largest paycheck possible
  2. Appear to do work
  3. Justify job by not doing work well enough
  4. Demand more money because there's so much to do!
  5. Demand more staffers because you're "overworked" and can't handle it alone
  6. Demand more money because now you're a "supervisor" or "manager"
  7. Return to step 1

Promotion by delegation. That's the way to make it in the bureaucracy!

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What's a good petition site? Doesn't the White House have one? It's not much, but it's SOMETHING.

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My favorite part: this shows us which members of the term were in on it.

Not all phones were wiped. Which means they either couldn't get to them in time, OR they weren't in on everything. I'd be very interested to see which ones were left alone. That will tell us a lot when overlaid with circumstantial details.

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Partially this is true, but one of the main leftist propaganda campaigns right now is to destroy the American public's faith in the system, triggering a civil war.

Not gonna lie, they're doing a pretty damn good job making it appear that way, but there are things to remember.

  1. We are arresting the rioters by the hundreds
  2. We've been filling federal courts with better judges
  3. MSM is sieving jobs every year since Trump got in office (lower views, less credibility, less money)
  4. Democrats are acting increasingly desperate (mail-in ballots, wacky conspiracy theories, poor turnout, blatant flip-flopping, etc.)
  5. Riots, Cuties, COVID lies, and everything else are slowly redpilling Americans by the millions while Pedocrats defend them.
  6. International peace deals are being struck, which will slow the flow of "refuges" and defunds the warmongers in the pentagon and abroad long term.
  7. Human traffickers and pedos have been facing nearly four years of this Admin locking up the little guys and are now moving up the chain through Epstein and Maxwell types. Second term means we will get bigger fish.

These are just a few items coming off of the top of my head. The tides are changing. We are slowly gaining back ground. Don't let the liars convince you otherwise. These cell phones, while extremely annoying, can only serve our arguments now. "It's the clinton emails all over again!" right in time for election.

We are inevitable. We need only to stay the course and push.

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BLM? You mean the pedocrat party and their media/big tech/banker friends.

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They have been rounding up literally hundreds of these people. Notice how the riots are dying down with days of the feds rounding them up? It's working and they're freaking hard, hence the wildfires. They don't want the feds to get them, but still want to cause damage.

Given the high profile nature of this guy right now, PLUS the fact his fucking arm got blown off, there's no need to arrest him right now, as shitty as that may sound. Plus there's the medical liability if they put him in prison.

That said, he should be locked up somewhere, whether in a hospital or a prison. Don't care either way. He should not have a voice to play victim here.

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Seriously? Sounds damn biblical there, punishment fitting the crime and all that.

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Post-modernism is just weaponized nihilism. After it destroys the current belief system, the applicator then injects an egocentric mindset in the individual. "If nothing has value, then you can create your own" is a common phrase they like to implement.

This process is why these people A.) suffer heavily from cognitive dissonance (everything, including truth, is just 'relative' in their creed) and B.) encourages a highly narcissistic personality disorder where external validation and selfish gratification become the only things that ultimately matters in life.

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To be fair, a lot of it is mass media too. How many hundreds or even thousands of hours did these kids spend in front of a television screen or something similar growing up? When they got to college, all of the hard work was already done for the professors.

I know raising a child is difficult, but this is why you can't defer raising your child to others. Then your child becomes their child. Never lose your kid this way.

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They're just children. Should be easy enough, actually. They can't think long-term in meaningful ways among many other mental deficits.

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I know, right? Think she noticed there was no dramatic background music and that the camera angle didn't change every 3-5 seconds?

Who are we kidding? Being smart and noticing things would've preventing her from getting in this situation!

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I suspect it's a dysfunction of human empathy from denial.

In many cases, a person will use their own experiences/references to project on others to try and understand others. "It would hurt if I got hit in the balls. They must be in pain", for example. This is a positive effect of projecting.

You can also project on others to realize something about yourself. "I would've acted differently in that situation, but they didn't. What's different about us? What can I learn from this difference?" Another potentially positive example.

These people, however, have added denial to the mix, and thus become unwell. They can't acknowledge that they are a certain way, but they still project on others like a healthy person. This compounds and twists a mind to the point where they can almost never realize their own faults and spiral further and further into insanity and violence, always trying to avoid the increasingly dark truth about themselves.

I'm not sure if there's a silver bullet for this, but it definitely should be classified as a mental illness of some variety, but good luck with professional psychologists being the way they are now.

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Maybe not supporters, but they're wonderful recruiters for Trump and other groups.

If people support evil against reason and compassion, let evil have its way with them for a bit. They will quickly learn their own foolishness in most cases. It will hurt, but it will also be extremely effective.

If you save people from an evil they condone, however, then the evil becomes a victim and will make you to be the villain. Never enable evil in this way.

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While it's usually easier to destroy than create (in this case corruption), it still takes time.

This corruption has literally taken over a century. It goes beyond Woodrow Wilson at this point. Did people really think we could fix it in 4 years when the entire system is fighting us?

Draining the swamp is two parts: optics and results. If you just go crazy with a hammer, so to speak, you lose the optics war and get stopped prematurely. If you focus purely on optics, you lose the chance to do something real. Trump's admin is very carefully threading the needle to get us somewhere positive. Like any good treatment for prolonged illness, it will take time and probably hurt a little from both symptoms and impatience.

And it's clearly working. These elites seem more upset and desperate by the day. I'm growing ever more confident that my vote in November will be a useful one. Time to finish this shit.

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From a practical standpoint, Republicans only had a one seat majority in the Senate. This is why many things got stymied in Congress.

While 51 seats are a majority, from a game theory kind of perspective it's a shit majority. It means that all 51 republicans can make whatever demands they want because each vote is enough to tank a bill. If you even add one seat, it changes away from this dynamic.

In a way, 51 only works if you have true party cohesion. Democrats did. That's why not even one voted for fixing their failed ACA. Republicans had RINOs and Never Trumpers like McCain. Plus, Republicans are usually a more diverse group of free thinkers, so that's why nothing major got passed. Each rep had different needs for their constituents. Only took one defector to tank it (looking at you McCain!)

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