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Reddit "conservatives" are the Lincoln Project types who love to groan about shit and never actually do anything. Thats why they hate Trump, he is a man of action.

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Those faggots actually thought "yOu PoSt On ThE dOnAlD" was an insult or some mark of shame. Fuck them and that stupid faggot Commie China site.

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I find it funny that at stores after Christmas they still have a ton of decorations that say “Happy Holidays” and they’ve been sold out for weeks of the “Merry Christmas” ones. You would think they would learn!

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You’re kind have been saying this same shit for four years, and every time Trump comes out on top. You will never learn.

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You’re awfully good at saying that. It sounds like you have had practice.

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I see a couple of bitch ass commie faggots are downvoting FUCK OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR SAFE SPACE ON REDDIT

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They want you to be alone and depressed, they want you to feel depressed and defeated. They want to separate you from your family and to NOT give thanks to God! They are an evil cabal who will only be stopped when God himself intervenes.

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I'll believe it when I see it. Republicans have been bitch cucks during this whole process. They need to stop being pussies and tell them to fuck off.

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I used to laugh when he opened his mouth. Now I'm ready to see this guy do some prison time for doing what he has to this country.

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sorry about all the repeat replies. My browser decided to have a stroke.

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No its not fine! Its fucking bullshit is what it is!

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What needs to happen is the cops need to “let what happens happens”. When the the Democrats see what a bunch of unorganized patriots do to their goons there won’t be any more problems.

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HC is the vilest swamp monster there is but there are others who we don’t know by name that will swing with her.

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