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By now they've "misplaced" or "accidentally erased" it, or just destroyed it outright.

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Indycar circa 1997 was a similar but different, and at most only about 1 / 20th the scale of the current NASCAR implosion, probably much less.

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Next, they'll red-tag the house or apartment and seal the doors, because it's unsafe and unsanitary without power and water service.

Anyone who enters without health department authority will be arrested for trespassing.

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I heard most of it was stashed in a warehouse in Beirut...

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Birthright citizenship needs to die.

It is deadly poison to a sovereign nation and an irresistible lure to countless millions of illegal invaders.

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Thanks for posting the link!

Unfortunately, it sounds like she is still mostly brainwashed, a mindless zombie attacking every human with functioning brain.

She treats the "civil rights crisis" and the "pandemic" as though they are naturally just as the MSM characterizations would have Americans believe them to be.

She somehow blames President Trump for the absolute circus 0bama left to America at the CDC, for the corrupt dnc-serving policies and actions of state and municipal governments, and for their predictably catastrophic results wherever they're most rigorously implemented.

And, completely oblivious to the clear connections between the topics, she follows with: "Also important is to ensure citizens can vote by mail this year", ignoring the huge coincidence that the invention of the first produced the "need" for the second.

She's still happily being played by her indoctrinators, and remains 95% on Team MSM.

Until she can recognize this, take inventory of the resultant errors that plague her thinking, admit to herself the extremity of their corruption, admit the same to all those Americans to who she has been lying, and set about fixing her problem, she will remain adrift, guided only by her allegiance to The Enemy of The People.

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Be sure to wear your mask, gloves, and full face shield.

Safety First!

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A frozen zero bar on a hot summer day is the best.

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While fairly accurate and reliable as a semi-automatic pistol, the impressive weight, ultra low cost, and cartoonish appearance of the popular Hi-Point line make them a top pick when the time comes to throw your weapon at your adversary, or to clobber him over the head with it.

Low street cred

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For me, the question of the "hacked dnc server" was settled when Wordfence demolished the ICA within days of its release.

Search - wordfence 2016 ica russian

Read the short articles at first two links.

Combine that with the subsequent revelation that the dnc physical server equipment was never examined by the FBI or any other government investigator, nor anyone not on the dnc payroll, nor anyone not committed to the reversal of President Trump's election.

"Russia hacked the dnc server" was never a credible position, yet anyone who limited his information sources to the controlled corporate media would have no reason to see the fraud or doubt the narrative.

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try cutting quality to 240, helps a little

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Frankly, I've seldom been as jammed up as TheDonald is now. But to be fair, a burrito was responsible last time that happened, too.

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The way their luck's been running, it would surprise me if the final touches of such a replacement hadn't just been applied at some low-profile development lab at Kodak.

"We are pleased to present: 'Moments' by Kodak."

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