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“Will you take...”


“Let me finish. Will...”


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Oh I think they should be handing that shit out like skittles. Additionally, I think Trump needs to be even more adamant about it in his pressers.

No middle of the road. Double and triple down on it. Don’t say “if it works” say “we know it works”. Force the media and certain idiot state politicos to dig an even deeper grave for themselves.

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Agreed. This scourge requires decisive and dramatic action. We can figure out all that nonsense after we’ve removed the virus’ ability to do its thing in people cells. First things first. This seems the most pragmatic course of action right now.

FYI: The layperson may not be familiar with the term “people cells.”

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Abbott Labs would prob be largest pub traded manufacturer. They had over 30 Billion in revenue last year.

If they sold a billion pills at 33 cents each, this doesn’t move their needle.

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Anyone remember when Milo and Lucky Palmer wanted to do this exact same thing and did an AMA about it four years ago?

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Yeah but people need oxygen and without oxygen, no people. No people, no virus hosts. Checkmate.

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Why hasn’t water and electricity been turned off? 🤡🌎

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That’s okay. I think democrats should be removed from their involuntary respiratory responses.

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This guy is an idiot.

“Owns stock in” hydroxychloroquine? There are at least ten manufacturers of the generic (they have entire portfolios of drugs) which sells for about 20 bucks per 60 pills.

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Oil has been the drag and the anchor on everything.

This is a massive move in crude.

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Don’t go to the pharmacy or grocery store?

TIL the pharmacy is optional shopping. I know I go to the pharmacy all the time just to browse. People go there only when they absolutely need something.

Same with grocery store in current climate. I guess I’ll fast for a few weeks and wait for her to give me the okay.

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I keep my drinking cups (as opposed to my “for display” cups) away from crowded street cars and dusty places. Things are working out so far. 👍🏻

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More high expectation from our press.

Also: “Joe Biden just needs to keep breathing”.

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