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I really think a shit ton of patriots need to show up at the RNC to display our support for the President and out extreme displease with everyone else.

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Not mine. Lifted from the interwebs.

I plan on vectoring and printing a few to leave behind in various places.

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"He never meant to mislead the public"

by concocting the entire ruse, sharing it on social and talking to the police.

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Crazy idea: Maybe folks who don't fap could not fap and not talk about not fapping.

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Saw this with a lip full of Copenhagen in mid coffee slurp. Did not end well for me.

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Will try to due better now. Thanx for worrying abut are image. (no one cares)

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Yep. I was of the assumption our NATIONAL ANTHEM applied to ALL OF US.

Edit: Are they going to demand separate bathrooms next?

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I will explain to you slowly so you understand. You don't speak for me or anyone else here. Take your condescending tone and stick it up your ass.

We aren't talking legislative nuance. There is no nuance right now. Sidelined into silence and waiting it out while businesses get crushed, citizens assaulted, property destroyed, voices censored and cities burn, (that is unless they virtue signal to appease their colleagues who would strip every freedom they could, if they could) is an epic failure that is hard fathom.

Now go make lemonade at the RNC and fuck off. We're done.

liberalfetchmycoffee 4 points ago

If we dont hold republicans feet to the fire they will continue to leave our President on and island. Wake up. They are an equal part of the problem.

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Ain't nobody more mouthy than a black woman who thinks you're not gonna hit her.

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Edit: took down post, mods stickied same post a few mins prior.

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