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Please do. I love to see photos of Rittenhouse'd leftists. Whether pedo headshots or giving them Hamburger Bicep, it's all lulzy.

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Like a child

My children wouldn't do that. Leftists are just non-human cunts.

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What a coincidence! That's exactly the number of voters who voted for Biden!

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The only way an announcement could be better out of Michigan is if Stretchin' Gretchen announced she was too depressed to go on and decided to kill herself.

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We can use the World Economic Forum to water the roots of our grass if we put them through woodchippers.

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Fortunately, communists aren't people, so we're all clear.

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Our side played by the rules and were threatened into capitulation. It's time to realize that violence isn't always wrong, otherwise the Revolutionary War wouldn't have happened.

If you want to act in the routine course of your duly-appointed election duties but fear for your family because a leftist is threatening them if you act, violence is the only recourse if the law will not intercede.

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Cool. Now instead of retweeting the NYT, give updates about election lawsuits and recounts and the impact the results will have to the election.

I don't care about the new votes for Trump when the manufactured votes for Biden say he's the winner. I want information about the fraud and what is being done to stop it. I want to know what the path is to a SCOTUS decision or House vote.

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I was stuck in India last year during their elections. It was more organized than ours, and they poop in the streets.

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I don't like the idea of using the military on the general population

I don't like the idea of using the military on Americans or innocents.

Leftists aren't either. Mow them the fuck down.

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Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, 53, and Marcos Raul Arevalo, 34, were charged in a 41-count criminal complaint filed last week.

Nice, strong American names there, yessiree. Nothing to see here.

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It's not unfortunate that it happened. I just wish there would have been a fatality at the wheel. You know someone like that is going to assault a Trump supporter.

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There is no reasoning with these people

They're not people, and the sooner they're dead, the better off America will be.

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I worked with one who was a network architect about 15 years ago. Weird as fuck and smelled like old people in hospice.

And of course the katoeys in Thailand you have to awkwardly share a hotel elevator with in the mornings when I was stationed there.

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