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I fucking love the mods of TD.win. They are some of the least faggot mods across the internet, on par with most kiwifarms mods.

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Commies aren't people, so this is really just expensive littering.

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I think some of it was from him being the victim. That's the sad part

I can't imagine feeling sorry for spez, no matter what happened to him.

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Okay. Let's start with turning off all their power which is generated in red strongholds and go from there.

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If you want to hear and salute a black national anthem, renounce your US citizenship and go to some African shithole where they'll play it after the call to prayer every morning on a shitty loudspeaker.

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Get rid of affordable housing and get rid of section 8.

The only places that will continue to support these initiatives will be blue cities, thereby ensuring that the looting dindus and bugmen with six figures in student debt for worthless degrees are stuck there, killing each other and keeping these not-really-people stuck to each other in a toxic orbit.

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I think it's the site where one of the founders killed himself, but as it turns out, it was the wrong one who killed himself.

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I've never had a production American rifle outshoot my Tikka - and Tikka has a proud heritage of killing communists, which I'm hoping conveys to the US market.

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It's immaterial.

Blacks were sold to America by other blacks. Most Americans didn't own slaves, but 40% of Jewish households across America owned slaves. American blacks are much better off here than they would be if they hadn't been sold by their "brothers" in Africa. No non-immigrant blacks in America today have experienced slavery. Most of the blacks alive today have only lived in a system of affirmative action, the Civil Rights Act, and massive welfare subsidies to their communities, and despite all that, still commit half the homicides and most of the gun crime and burglaries in the USA. Slavery isn't to blame. Socio-economic status is, at best, loosely correlated.

By playing "who did what in the 1800s" you're allowing the left to disassociate the narrative of reality. It's as impotent as liberals are the real racists guise!

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And if I got it, I would use science to have a chance of remission.

No, hopefully you'd linger for a few painful months and then succumb, and promptly nobody would care, because you have no value and wouldn't be missed.

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You should be taken out back of a shed and shot.

You should kill yourself and livestream it so that at least your life has some value, even if it's purely comedic.

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The biggest lie in conservatism is that principles are the most important thing. Nope, It's all about using the right winning tactics.

In the last couple of years, I've personally normalized absolute incivility towards the left and convey to them the idea that red states are itching to stop sending them food and electricity. When some fat cunt with dyed hair is out in public protesting that DRUMPF IS HITLER or whatever, instead of presenting data-based arguments - which will never combat appeals to emotion, and which I tried for years - I simply calmly say "kill yourself and livestream it" or "I hope you get terminal cancer." It either gets them even more insanely riled up where they just scream, or just leaves them speechless. They want you to try to debate them so they can just shit on you - instead, convey as concisely and brutally as possible that if they were dead, the world would be better off, and you're hoping it happens.

I use this tactic when I encounter public protests when I'm forced to travel to places like Chicago to meet vendors or clients, and it's worked amazingly well.

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That's okay, my 6.5 Creedmoor with the 25 Leupold and then my SBR and then my Benelli and then my SIG P365 are all ready for them and I have absolutely not a single problem using them once this nonsense goes from cold to hot.

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Don't send your kids to college.

Especially that street shitter cunt at Cambridge who just got promoted for saying whites don't matter.

I sincerely hope she gets truck-of-peace'd. Leftists' lives don't matter.

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The fact they granted the exception in the first place shows they need to be Physically Removed. Their "retraction" still reeked of faggoty soy apologia.

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Nobody would miss these "people" if they decided they needed to commit mass ritual suicide to atone for their white guilt. In fact, I'm hoping they do.

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Exactly, but even if we grant that every single one of those was a bad kill, you still have a better chance of dying of cow-related injuries in the United States than an unarmed black man does of getting killed by police.

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They focus on a small but highly charged type of incident

Nine. Nine fucking unarmed black Americans were killed by police in 2019. In all of the US. By all police officers. That doesn't take into account resisting arrest or any of the actual circumstance of those nine encounters. Nine. That's it.

And that number is eclipsed in one weekend by the black community in one city.

Fuck BLM. Fuck the protests. Fuck George Floyd, fuck Rayshard Brooks, and fuck the rest of the "hero" drugged-out absentee-father felons being put on a pedestal. Black lives don't matter until the black community look inward to fix their own problems. I don't want to hear about "brutality" or "injustice" or any of this other faggotry until the black homicide rate is only 2X what their representation in the total population is instead of 4X. I want black Americans to stand tall and proud of their accomplishments instead of blaming whitey, milking the dole, and abandoning their kids 80% of the time. I want black Americans to work together to build a strong America instead of committing half of the homicides and 60% of the burglaries. And that's never going to happen unless they look to fix their own communities first.

And honestly, fuck the black unemployment rate. No president since Lincoln has enacted policies that lifted the African American community sustainably out of poverty since Trump. And what we've gotten for it is burned and looted cities. The unemployment rate clearly doesn't matter when there is a fundamental paradigm shift that the black community must themselves undertake. When seriously oppressed African immigrants - I mean people whose entire families were machete'd in front of them - can come to America and do better than the blacks born here, it's a problem in the black community itself.

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