leakmouth [S] 9 points ago

Thanks for sharing brother. We’re all here for you. Keep making MAGADAD proud

leakmouth [S] 51 points ago

So how many people died because they weren’t allowing people to take it based on a fake study by a porn model and sci-fi writer?

leakmouth [S] 5 points ago

Why bother? The same people that faked Obama’s birth certificate will fake Biden’s results and anything else biDeN needs

leakmouth [S] 9 points ago

When Trump urges these losers trying and beat each other out, it reminds me of that scene in 16 candles when Anthony Michael Hall tells Molly Ringwald that he’s like the “king of the dipshits”. And she says “well that’s pretty cool”

leakmouth [S] 3 points ago

I thought “It’s hard out here for a pimp” was the black national anthem

leakmouth [S] 30 points ago

(SleepyJoe has entered the chat room)

Soon realizes the girl has already gone through puberty...

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leakmouth [S] 18 points ago

As long as a friend of a friend heard it from an anonymous source familiar with an associate of an advisor to an acquaintance of an expert’s thinking and it hurts Drumpf then it’s totally true

leakmouth [S] 23 points ago (edited)

Guys it’s real simple:

If you’re a white Trump supporter trying to contribute to society, you not allowed to work, you have to socially distance, you have to wear a mask, and you’re giving everybody Covid and killing them whether you have it or not.

If you’re a black Democrat trying to destroy society, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

leakmouth [S] 10 points ago

Wow it’s almost like people don’t like to be threatened, violently assaulted, have their cities burned down. Whodathunkit?

leakmouth [S] 5 points ago

Not me. I sleep very little. I’m up all night overdosing on spice

leakmouth [S] 33 points ago

Fuck Capitalism!

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leakmouth [S] 2 points ago

I think the problem is life has become so easy and simple that these kids are spoiled and bored and want to somehow give their lives meaning so they try to change things and since they’re so stupid all they know how to do is destroy instead of create

leakmouth [S] 15 points ago

Yep. After I tuned in to thedonald.win I ripped off the dial

leakmouth [S] 6 points ago (edited)

If you want safety, climb aboard the Jeb! train instead! We have an adequate braking system and provide a mask and guac bowl with each ride! Choo choo!

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