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Done. Removed this post. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Click on the post title to get to the video. Fox is gay as fuck when it comes to allowing embedding their videos.

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We had some talk about .win merch and 3-D printing these in the comments. Just wanted to remind you fine ladies and gents that we don't allow any solicitation or promotion of products here. Monetization free is the way to be. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

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Op, can you please repost using this streamable link so I can sticky it? Same title works


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Double down and tell them to fuck off. Never, under any circumstances, apologize.

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You're quite blackpilled, aren't you? Durham was appointed in May 2019. We lost three years with Sessions. Did you expect Durham to walk in on day one and whip his dick out and walk Obama out in handcuffs?

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Yeah. I poorly phrased that. I should have said something along the lines of "charging someone without the evidence to convict"

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You can either do things by the book and build an airtight case or you can do like Keith Ellison and quickly charge someone before you have the facts. I get that people are impatient, but we're talking about a RICO act level case involving some very high ranking people.

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That's on me. I asked that user to post it. Didn't want users missing your fine work and didn't realize you would be posting it on .win

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Old post was removed and this stickied because I missed the OP's submission

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Look at the edit to my comment

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Well, you took the one I made from our twitter, so it's kind of the circle of meme thievery. Apologies for missing your post for a sticky.

Edit: Fuck it. I stickied yours. Nice work.

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Op, can you please repost using this streamable link so I can sticky? Same title works


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Something they created for suicidal trannies and cat ladies

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If you can find it, I'd highly suggest Famous Dave's Rib Rub

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