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No need to apologize at all. I see how you could get that idea

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Absolutely fucking not. There's just a delay sometimes before comments appear.

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So this website name sounds clickbaity as hell, but it's actually John Solomon's new outlet. He does good work as evidenced by all the MSM hitpieces on him, so please show the site some love.

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If you don't have cable and want to watch Fox News, bookmark this link. Fox News has removed the paywall, so you have a 24/7 livestream

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You should have no issue accepting the invite on both mobile and desktop

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Don't get tested just for the hell of it. Only get tested if you display one or more symptoms and/or came into contact with someone infected. Otherwise, you're just wasting a test that could be used for much better diagnostic purposes

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It was yanked for a copyright notice. 100%. We had to find a mirror and get it up again. If you can trace it back to the original poster on YouTube, we'll gladly credit them

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The embedded video isn't working now, so please click on the post title and it will open in a new window. Working with OP to try and fix it now.

Link for easy viewing: https://youtu.be/81ghLFwM7vk

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That's just the fluffers out there. Presser hasn't started yet

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Appears to have been done in error with a misclick. It's unlocked now. Please contact us using the link in the sidebar next time

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Little bit of missing context. Adam Baldwin is a staunch Trump supporter. He's saying that sarcastically

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Correct. It's just like magaimg. No albums at this time.

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Lol. We have it fixed now

ldanwill [S] 2 points ago

Yep. We have it worked out now.

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James Woods tweet about Melania again lol

ldanwill [S] 1 point ago

Think you uploaded the wrong pic. I'm guessing it was meant to be about Andrew Gillum

ldanwill [S] 38 points ago

"What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?"

-Hillary Clinton

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