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lalicat [S] (3 points)

Exactly.. Less than 24 hours ago I was a mod on T_D. Reddit admins removed me without warning, they are taking over T_D and eliminating anyone who resists.

This is all we have now.

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The more they realize they have shit candidates the more they try to squeeze us out.

lalicat [S] (7 points)

Lol, it's quite possibly a cryptic reference to what happens when they try to take our guns.

lalicat [S] (4 points)

Lmao. Mods been froggy lately, must be because we caught reddit off guard with .win.

lalicat [S] (124 points)

dats raycissss!!!

Standby to be lectured about how America wasn't ready for a black female President.

lalicat [S] (1 point)


If Q posting becomes rampant I'm going to fucking ban it on contact.

lalicat [S] (2 points)

I tried to look into why you were banned but when you delete the account I can't really get a good picture of what actually happened... I have to use google cache and ceddit, etc ...

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You started not to make sense towards the end of that.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say?

I said I hate Charlie Kirk and if anyone wants to take a dump on him, IDGAF.

Where do we disagree?

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It's all a work in progress. The site, as great as it is, has a long way to go towards complete functionality.

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Such a convincing argument. Why, when you gave them the excuse to dismiss you as an idiot the moment you brought their heritage into question. Why would you leave yourself open to outright dismissal like that?

Scott Adams would like a word with you about persuasion.

The best way to point out something you want someone to notice is by leaving subtle bread crumbs and letting them come to the conclusion themselves, then it is something they KNOW, not something they were told.

Also, keep it up and you'll catch a rule 3 + 8 ban. Blatantly dumb shit like this is why rule 8 exists. Read it, reflect on it and rethink your approach.

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No Self Promotion

Linking or promoting merchandise, fundraising, or spamming personal websites, blogs, or channels is not permitted.

Fair warning.

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Refer to my comment here so I don't have to post it again.

You're dangerously close to violating the "Don't be dumb" rule, which will get you banned.

Like there aren't enough edgy circlejerks on the internet that you can go spout your anti-Semitic bullshit, you gotta come here? Keep that shit up, I'll have zero reservations about banning your ass. I'm warning you in public because I think your way of going about shit is fucking retarded and quite frankly I'm sick of dealing with people who aren't smart enough to figure out there's more than one way to skin a cat.

lalicat [S] (2 points)

Jesus fucking Christ, everyone knows you're talking about the jews ...

What trips me out most about you assholes is how you think you're somehow "woke" to some secret knowledge you gotta spread every chance you get, and in the most off-putting way.

You're like a little kid who just discovered their first curse word and has to use it in every single sentence. Grow the fuck up.

The whole HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG mentality has absolutely ZERO to do with MAGA. There are a time and place for everything. This isn't the place to act like some edgy teenager flexing your newfound forbidden vocabulary.

Your bargain bin attempts at red pilling people to the "JQ" are embarrassing. It is like you idiots haven't learned any subtlety at all. Clumsy teenage fumbling in the back of borrowed cars ... that's what pisses me off the most about idiots like you.

If you were serious about getting out your message, you would do it in the appropriate ways at the appropriate times, but instead, you infest every single platform and go about spreading your message in the least persuasive way.

You are nothing more than a useful idiot for ((((THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE CRITICIZED REEEEEEEEE)))), another idiot anti-semite they can point to and say oh look at what victims we are, neo-nazi fascist RAYYYYCIST Trump supporters are pushing fringe conspiracy theories!

lalicat [S] (0 points)

What the fuck?

Banned from T_D and .win for talking about Charlie Kirk?

[citation needed]

... I don't know where people come up with dumb shit like this but I personally hate Charlie Kirk ... I think he's a fucking idiot. most of the mod team agrees with me, however, there are no standing orders I'm aware of to ban anyone for talking shit about Kirk and his freak show.

Stop saying shit that isn't true. Or show me proof so I can deal with it internally.

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We haven't gotten that far yet.

Step one was getting people to sign up. We didn't think much beyond that. It'll be added eventually.

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But she's a POC. They are immune from criticism.

That white bitch who had her ass plastered on reddit though, she's gotta go!

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You can see where you've commented before by clicking your name, and then you can go to the comment reply by clicking permalink. Or at least you should be able to...

We're working on the interface and making it more intuitive.

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We've been doing live updates and basically every time we do, it logs everyone out.

It's annoying, but also better than taking down the entire site for "hours" of maintenance.

lalicat [S] (-2 points)

Pizzagate has nothing to do with MAGA. I'll remove that shit.

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