lalicat [S] 3 points ago

Oof, yeah sorry can't make it, got the rona.

Send my ass with two hands tied behind my back, no thanks.

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I totally misunderstood the context of the video, I thought it was OP. God forgive me.

Still what the fuck?

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Lmao, when you report your own tweet just to get Twitter to say it didn't violate TOS, but they're censoring it anyways, that's how 4D chess is played. Remember all emails sent to the Whitehouse are a matter of public record to be preserved.


lalicat [S] 10 points ago

Funny how they tried to pretend we didn't exist, or pretend that we were failing ... They liked to pretend they never heard of us, they never thought we would succeed!

And now they are terrified!

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Oh my fucking god. We don't deserve him, haha this is exactly how our mods stood up to reddit, we kept posting until they could tell us what rule we violated, they kept removing those of us who stood up against their tyranny.

Now we've got him standing up in solidarity with us!

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That's nice of them, but too little too late, I don't want to go back to reddit.

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I'm sorry to hear about your son.

When did you realize he was different? I have a friend who's kid I think has autism from all my interactions with him but my friend just thinks it will get better, but the kid is so young, so I am curious how early it is apparent.

What kinds of things did you notice? Like anything really early?

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I had no idea, it explains a lot. Veterans usually pass on patriotism to their children. Your parents don't even have to be veterans, you might just have a few in the neighborhood. They make an impact, my family had no tradition of military service, I was the first to join and it was due to my neighbors and teachers I met that were veterans. Now both my kids parents are veterans, they're certified military brats, you can change a family tradition in just one generation.

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I saw the original, the tweet is cropped. Go look at the original tweet. The original has Jordan D. Haynes, NYT obviously edited it after the fact, I saw it this morning and went and looked it up. NYT got caught and is now covering it up.

lalicat [S] 9 points ago

They're trying to provide top cover, this media is the enemy of the people.

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Link to his podcast? I like to reward him with clicks when he calls us out, plus I share it with my friends.

I could DDG it but if you post the link it's easier for everyone to give him a listen.

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This site was a Hail Mary right into the end zone that actually connected. The only alternative social network with more users is gab.com but we are slaying the competition.

There's something special about td users and because it was all the original moderators, they brought that magic over. The original! Accept no imitations.

Hold on to your hats because without reddit to hold us back you're going to see more and more features added thanks to doggos and the dev team who absolutely deserve a damn documentary written one day for pulling this off.

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That's the best part. He said no, haha.

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Picking on the vulnerable like this is no different than being a pedophile. These are elderly patients with mental disorders, and he is no different than a child rapist who is just preying on the most vulnerable people in society.

lalicat [S] 8 points ago

This is psychopathic behavior. That kid has serious mental issues.

This is the kind of behavior that sprouts from a traumatic childhood and shows a complete lack of empathy, especially the fact that he is filming it. He needs to be locked up, he was well on his way to becoming a serial killer with that kind of behavior.

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