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I live in the woods, I have two cats, my cats kill the fuck out of disease carrying vermin and rodents. What's with the cat hate? Cats are work animals that earn their keep in the right environment.

My dogs keep the bears and coyotes away but honestly the cats work/play harder. Any rancher or farmer will probably agree.

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"24" was the first TV show I remember not being able to watch because the camera moves made me nauseous. There are a bunch of them now.

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They're hungry. I live in black bear country and the saying is "A fed bear's a dead bear." People put out bird feeders and leave trash out then wonder why bears show up at their door. Game and Fish shows up, tags the bear, and takes it away. They will release it once.

A fed bear is a dead bear.

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When they put the poll pictures up it was a scouring Trump and a happy smiling Biden. Chris Wallace is a hack riding the coat tails of his dad.

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FAKE NEWS! It was way more than 17,000

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I bet that thing you are looking at right now has a microphone in it also.

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If you start a conversation with someone who is not wearing a mask you are obviously not that concerned about the kung flu.

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Why do they need police? They should hire crisis counselors and incident understandors.

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it was only delayed 30 min, so they say. Should start at 10:45 est

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I was taught to never hit a woman.

Not in today's world. You need to put an assailant, any assailant, down immediately and be ready to deal with their friend

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