kratomlol [S] 3 points ago

lmao CNN robbed at knife point by the people they want to come in the USA in massive numbers.

kratomlol [S] 5 points ago

My wife is Japanese and doesn't wear chopsticks in her hair, wear "Chinese dresses" or get mad if someone else does. Stop speaking for everyone bitch. Also haven't seem anyone wear Ao dai at any point i can remember. Stop appropriating white people by wearing tight jeans and t-shirts and baseball hats then.

kratomlol [S] 9 points ago

We really may lose our free speech if Trump is not elected

kratomlol [S] 6 points ago

Everything they touch turns into a ghetto shitshow

kratomlol [S] 5 points ago

I was on a pokemon thread and they were comparing pokemon to Trump. Cant get away from it. Fuck that site.

kratomlol [S] 54 points ago

it's almost like the cops wouldnt kill them if they weren't criminals

kratomlol [S] 3 points ago

imagine if someone made white entertainment radio

If they want to segregate then stop acting in our shows and stick with tyler perry movies

kratomlol [S] 5 points ago

They are useless to society and have no interest in advancing the country or care for the others around them. Ship them off or shoot them, nothing of value will be lost.

kratomlol [S] 14 points ago

Well they are threatening my HOA so i'm loaded up and i'll take care of a few hopefully. stand your ground law here.

I'm sure i'll be the bad guy though after they threaten my family, break into my house and try to beat us. They were just joggers!

One of the problems is the lefts ability to organize is so much better. If we organized like them it would be over in days.

kratomlol [S] 2 points ago

This virus was just an experiment from China, next one will probably wipe us out. Fuck it i'm still going to the beach.

kratomlol [S] 8 points ago

31.4% bounce rate is actually very good. Especially the 7:43 time on site. I would kill for those metrics on my sites. I'd be making bank from the ads.

kratomlol [S] 4 points ago

"strong bonds"

If they destroy Mt Rushmore it is time to go guns blazing no question.

kratomlol [S] 1 point ago

would like a bodyybuilding,win and gaming.win guns.win are a few I can think of

kratomlol [S] 4 points ago

I feel bad for the business owners, robbed, vandalized, destroyed. Home owners gettting their houses vandalized, shit on the floor, intimidated and more.

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