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He has to vote yes. Utah is very anti-abortion. I also think he’s actually pious and will vote accordingly, no matter how much he wants to stick it to Trump.

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Commondreams and thinkprogress don’t pay for upvotes. I mean... it’s just... c’mon man... those are very popular internet places.

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These people are so drunk on power. Take my kids over my dead body, literally.

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They’re pretty cool. Same as everyone else really. Speaking French just because, when they all speak English too and the rest of their country does too, is kind of annoying but it’s their city/province. Quebec is a cool, fun city. Poutine is dope, whether you get the fancy ones for $22 at the Four Seasons or the poutine at McDonalds.

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Honestly, I don’t see a lot of people of color at BLM protests and Antifa riots.

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Yesterday she accused Denver PD of pulling a gun on her. Video showed it was an airsoft gun they were holding because they’d just taken it off a rioter they’d arrested. She didn’t apologize.


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11/5.6 ng/ml is how much was in his blood. Next, 2.7 ng/ml is expected average blood level from 1 maximum strength patch. Next is the conversion from the makers of the patch for doctors switching patients from oral morphine (which is measured in mg) to Fentanyl patches (which is measured in mcg). Fentanyl is far more powerful, so you take extremely small amounts, which is why they publish these conversion charts. For example, Fentanyl lollipops are 200mcg. Morphine pills are typically 15 mg, which is 75x more than 200mcg.

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You’re saying the therapeutic conversion, which is shown is not equivalent for the fatal dose conversion (which varies widely on tolerance as well)? Meaning, six 100mcg patches is equal to pain reduction of 139 oral morphine pills, but it doesn’t mean that those two things are equally lethal?

Few people know what a serious thing a 100mcg patch is, but everyone knows taking 139 painkillers is suicidal.

Also, assuming you have some expertise here, can you comment on the huge range of blood levels in overdoses (study I posted above)? If one 100mcg patch gives a blood level of 2.7, but can be fatal for an non-experienced user, how are there overdoses with a level of 68? Are those accidents or suicides? Is it possible to build up a tolerance whereby 20 isn’t fatal? 40?

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The range of what’s lethal is wide, but not that wide. It’s kind of like, what’s the lethal range of number of gun shot wounds? Guy gets shot 47 times but he was dead after the third shot. Those really high numbers are either suicides or accidental ODs. Fentanyl is extremely powerful, which is irrelevant in medical settings because they give very small amounts and it’s pharmaceutical grade concentration. But some drug dealer isn’t paying attention and doesn’t cut his product enough or mix it up well enough and people die. There are tons of instances of this with articles that say “9 Fentanyl overdoses in Landon County,” and it’s because a drug dealer fucked up (they don’t want to kill their customers). This article is from yesterday:

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“People who are not being treated with fentanyl patches may be seriously harmed or may die if the sticky side of a patch touches their skin. Be careful not to allow the sticky side of the patch to touch anyone else's skin.”


Also: “ Fentanyl patches may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the first 24 to 72 hours of your treatment and any time your dose is increased.”

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They have Narcan on hand when they do those studies. ER docs overdose extremely injured people on Fentanyl and it’s not all the unusual or that big of a deal. But again, they have Narcan and bags so deaths are extremely rare. The 40,000 people a year that OD on opiates don’t have it around.

Median blood level of overdoses in this study was 9.8. The meth in his system was very small. The Fentanyl in his system was a massive amount. Six 100 mcg patches is insane. Ask any doctor that doesn’t use opiates and none would put a single 100 mcg patch on without a built up tolerance. Any doctors here that can confirm (or refute) all of this?


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The bottom chart is from Janssen, who makes Fentanyl patches, and provides that conversion chart for doctors switching patients from other opiates to Fentanyl. I could be misunderstanding your point though. The chart is oral morphine pills to fentanyl patches.

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You disagree with Trump on blacks, gays and Jews. You don’t belong here.

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I want you to quit making conservatives look like shit so that more people vote for Trump. You’re equivalent to their Antifa.

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You can do whatever you want, but it’s a terrible look for TDW. Dude... get a gay friend or two. They’re pretty normal... want to pay their mortgage, have a job, etc. just like the rest of us.

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