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It's the uh... Aerospace fast food company!

Gonna be YUUUGE.

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Penn & Teller make a pretty damn convincing case that all was "normal" with the magic bullet of JFK.

I'm with you on the others though.

And something still stinks about JFKs assassination. I'm convinced Oswald did it under orders, and was silenced before he could squeal like the commie pig he was. Inside job? Yes. Magic bullet? I'm not so sure.

Always open to different opinions though. Post some links and I'll have something to read tonight? Thanks pede!

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I like my soy in the form of fermented sauce, on fried rice. Anything else is uncivilized.

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That's not vengeful. That's letting karma work through you. Nothing wrong with being an instrument for the universe.

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Put in in park, or set the parking brake, or both!

Jesus chrissy christ this lady is stupid. Time for "Driver reevaluation". Her emotional instability makes her a danger to other motorists.

What state is she from? Someone should send this to her state's DMV.

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Karma taxes itself. It's self sustaining. Like green energy... Kek

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In my experience, the people who are prone to happiness will stay happy, and those are generally unhappy will find something to be unhappy about.

Applies to both genders.

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wait, she died "45" days before the election?

It's a sign i tell ya, a fucking sign!

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IMO, cat's are kind of the original individualists.

They're like, "Fuck you, we do our own thing."

Most cats are self-respecting, and they don't give a shit what their humans do. Because the cats know they are above all of that.

As Kipling wrote, "I am the cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me."

Trump is like a big cat, like the jaguar or tiger. Goes where he wants. Does what he wants. Don't get in his way or he'll fuck you up. I'd say he's like the lion, but that comparison is reserved for Ted Cruz.

The little cats in your house? They're like mini-GEOTUSs. George Carlin said it best: if a cat does something embarrassing, that cat will look at you as if to say, "I MEANT to do that."

My cat, he's a fat fuck. I feed him because he's awesome, doesn't bite when I pet him, and he makes me laugh. One time, i was making fun of him and joking that he was too corpulent to catch mice and rodents, let alone birds. The VERY next day, he dragged a freshly killed bird into our house. A very direct way to say "Fuck you, I'm a badass." Bastard understands English, let me tell you.

Dogs, they hardly have standards at all. I love my dog. He's loyal. But he's nasty motherfucker. Doesn't care to stay clean, would probably eat a turd off the grass if I let him, gets into shit and then acts guilty as hell.

Cats, they are above standards. You don't own a cat. THEY tolerate YOU, not the other way around.

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