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Q: How is the mainstream press going to feel if, after an election Biden wins it turns out there was something to the emails' (unproven) intimation of a Joe involvement?

A: They'll be very proud of themselves.

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Really? 30 minutes ago it was just biden hunter and nothing else on google

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Jack lied. The first URL is blocked on twitter.

Let's try the second one...

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I'll post the URL on twitter.

Jack says it's ok as long as you are not the source of the hacked material

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Completely different treatment from the rudy giuliani phony borat scandal where twitter allowed it to go viral.

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Waste? They just censored the nypost to help joe biden.

How are they going to bullshit their way out of this?

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Let's remember, #Hunter is upset because Luntz would not celebrate off shoring a #JEEP plant to #CommunistChina

Let that sink in. Hunter always had his eye on the job . . .

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this is kompromat from the CCP when hunter was in beijing. the chicoms have this already.

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The pictures are there for the tmz crowd.

The incriminating emails thou will implicate biden with the CCP

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