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You're naive if you think Trump won GA on the white vote alone.

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Its a cartoon on disney, not during adult swim on cartoon network.

9 yr olds will be watching this.

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Eh, my point got lost because of the sentence about covid....

I'll take the L.

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None of that is a basis for saying their healthcare system is worse.

Our healthcare system was sending covid patients to nursing homes...

Note, I never said theirs was better, I said we can't say its worse.

Apples to oranges.

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If half of the US Covid deaths were fraudulent we would still have twice as many deaths as the UK.

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So how did Trump win Georgia and Louisiana?

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Plank and speck comes to mind regarding criticism of the UK.

If the people there like their healthcare, let them have it.

Its the same with overthrowing governments in the middle east.

Instead of forcing what works in America on others, we should worry about America and let UK worry about UK.

Boris Johnson should be lifting up his country. That won't always mean emulating America.

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If he is representing England, shouldn't he be overly supportive of what England has?

It would be stranger if he were trying to completely upend their healthcare system and saying it was bad.

And since US has lost more people to covid we can't point at the UK and say theirs is bad.

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It's been a long understood concept that if the Republicans win 15% of the black vote they win all the swing states yet they have never produced.

Trump won the swing states....

You are also using the numbers in a misleading way. Hillary won 37% of the white vote, but Trump didn't get the other 63%. He got 57%.

Your "long understood concept" doesn't hold up. In 2016 Trump won every state with a non-white population that could have swung the state to Dem.

The concept of the black voting bloc being needed to win the presidency is a myth.

The D/R divide by race only takes shape at the local level.

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Trump won every state in 2016 where non-whites could have swung the election democrat.

Georgia and Louisiana for example should not have been for Trump if the only reason non-whites vote Democrat is because they aren't white.

You are looking at a correlation and calling it causation.

Look at rural Georgia. Counties with majority black populations were Red.

Compare this to urban locations that are overwhelmingly white. Every one is blue.

You'll find the exposure to media, city education systems, and handouts from dem politicians are why people vote Blue. Non-white populations are mostly in urban centers which is why you see the correlation between race and politics.

I look forward to this debate in January when it becomes crystal clear just how much Trump has proven wrong the concept of "demography is destiny" at least as it relates to US politics.

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You gave me a sentence. Cite it.

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Tons of things prioritize POC over whites. Organ transplants isn't one of them.

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No. It is a leftist theory for minorities becoming the majority of the electorate.


It is primarily attributed to this guy from the Center for American Progress.

You are literally carrying water for extreme leftists.

Give the above article a read. Even leftists backtracked on their original predictions because they pushed leftist ideas too far and now the pendulum is swinging back right.

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I said to do what Trump does and you said that meant turning the other cheek....

Hard to keep your opinions straight it seems?

Trump has destroyed the Dems by exposing them and opening Americans' eyes, not by using leftist tactics.

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The White House. Main street. Stock Market. Political demographics. Foreign trade. Foreign wars. Judiciary. SCOTUS (most of the time). Local Politics. Immigration. Opioid Crisis. China situation. 2020 election. Generation Z.

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I'm more astounded that she paid for her hair to look like that than anything else tbh.

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Its how Trump won in 2016. He educated the American people about what the left was doing/becoming.

Trump has never once advocated for violence against leftists.

Instead, he shines a bright light on their activities (educating the American people).

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The left has pushed people to the right with their tactics.

They are losing. We are winning.

Why would we resort to their tactics? Shouldn't we be resorting to Trump's tactics?

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Its more about breaking down the strong countries with strong identities.

The goal is globalism. Can't have a strong United States or European countries if you want globalism.

Everything being done by leftists is to destabilize the strongest countries.

Race is the distraction. Keep everyone focused on the brown people while they pass legislation that further strips our rights away.

And a race war is their next dream to shove more control on westerners.

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Actually I was just making sure I was calling a spade a spade, but whatever makes you feel superior, Karen.


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Just commenting to laugh at you getting obliterated in your own "please don't use this meany word" post.


Freedom of speech unless it hurts your feelings. Hilarious. Tell us more how the term Karen has hurt you.


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Can confirm. I lurked in 2016. Joined right after the election.

The energy was amazing.

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Bullshit. If Trump had picked Ben Carson for VP, you wouldn't have voted for him.

You wrongly think Trump will do something for white supremacists.

Thats why you get on your knees for anyone that says the white power things you love to hear.

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