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Na, just someone plugged in. We will remember you guys when the arrests come in August.. Stay defeated.

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Trump hating Hollywood is shit

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So people are protesting after what happened in the woods with those four white guys and the black dude. People were blocking the street and this guy in the red car gets out and throws a scooter out of the way. That enraged the mob who descended on his car. Smart guy knows not to stop so they drives off with two clinging to the hood.


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At what point was the DOJ/FBI in a configuration to bring justice? how about Obama juries? when could we bring "arrests" that would not just be thrown out by Rod or Berman or Comey, or Sessions.. how far do you want to go back? the min Barr entered DOJ he stopped the bs and started the mass investigations that then he turned into criminal ones, we watch as the MSM go ballistic on him attacking everything he does because he is hurting them..

  • Arrested 8 funneling hundreds of millions of Soros money to HRC and DNC

  • Arrested 19 Child Protective Service Agents in NYC for abusing children (last Monday)

  • Arrested 100 top Antifa leaders running riot operations across America

  • avoided the Ukraine traps DNC wanted to put barr in, instead he stayed out of it and directed Ukraine DOJ to contact BERMAN with the evidence against BIDEN in 2018/2019... he hung up on them.. Berman is fucked.. He ran the muscle for Mueller team operations out of SDNY where they hid all the evidence aginst DS including Wienner's laptop.. and Clinton foundation files

  • When Barr fired him he pulled the trigger, now the flood gates open..

  • Clinton pal Steve Bing top CF donor jumps off building

  • Jeffery's #1 is arrested who has all the books, the connecting tissue with his network..

  • They wacked Jeffery and tried to embarras Barr to make it look like he was part of it, in fact it was the DS again..

  • They will try the same with her, but this time they will be recorded. in fact they have all the evidence already she is just there to "nod" and agree.. they don't need her, they have video/audio evidence...

  • Maxine is bait, Barr keeps his hands off to ensure he is not blamed.. if he put her in a cell with personal camera to his office, etc and something happens then he is 100% responsible. but letting her go through he system (other dept run the prisons) Barr keeps his hands clean for the final show before election...

  • What is about to happen will shock the world, Bar will testify in July 28th under oath to Nadler who is trying to impeach him, he will tell the world that Obama and Biden called a CODE RED on Flynn after they knew he was innocent, why you ask, then Flynn tells his story with all the crimes they did under his nose as top IC..

THe public will know the truth and Biden / Obama will be left alone to stand for all the public to see as the criminals they are, then as more learn the calls for their arrest will grow as all of the lower cabal players under them that ran the operation are arrested in August..

Barr is smart enough to not interfere in an election while blaming Obama for doing just that in 2016, instead he was smart to keep his hands clean, show he is impartial to politics and only after justice..

he will point to all the times he did not pursue prosecution of Comey, MacCabe and others for lower charges that he knew would not win in court anyway, but all the same, contrast to how they ran the Stone and Manafort cases, and the Flynn case, will stand as stark contrast, a "two tier justice system as clear as day"

This will lead to how they threw the hillary case and how Hillary used IRS friends to hide Clinton Foundation crimes and attack Patriot Groups..

This is all coming along with many in Hollywood seeing these big players go down then get arrested, what do you think they will do? they want to go back to their mansions and will sing like birds..

Barr knows the best way to take down the demon democrats is with their own celebrities confessions..

Not another four year election


Barr's Army in action!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R7q2HuCDe4

Antifa member Legba Carrefour arrested by police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmisZWWuQv8

List of indicted so far: (Eighty) https://www.scribd.com/document/466846116/List-of-Federal-Riot-Cases-Charged

Read my post for a real breakdown and evidence: https://thedonald.win/p/FzYbDlTD/read-the-last-line-then-remember/c/

Graham asks Kavanaugh about Military Tribunals and American Terrorists


Durham expands his team last few weeks: https://media.thedonald.win/thedonald/post/xy6fmXBt.png

Barr arrested U1 folks, had the trial and found the CEO of trucking company that smuggled it guilty all last year!




Harvard lead in bioengineering was busted working as secret agent for China (working on the virus) https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/harvard-university-professor-and-two-chinese-nationals-charged-three-separate-china-related



8 Charged in illegal money networks funneling millions to Hillary Clinton Campaign


I.G. Horowitz full confessions under oath: https://vimeo.com/382084637

Impeachment witnesses confessing no crimes in under 4 mins: https://vimeo.com/381935410

Gen Barr Explains Spygate: https://vimeo.com/382209842

Durham investigation progress in Ukraine:





AND they just arrested Dem for stealing election!!!

“DeMuro fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear,” U.S. Attorney William McSwain said in a statement. “This is utterly reprehensible conduct


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DS wacked JE, so barr should take the heat??? if he calls them out then he has to arrest and have evidence of it..

it is not what you know but what you can prove, through the onslaught of fake media and Clinton/Obama deep state players

Barr is smart to avoid it and set a trap using Maxine. what folks don't understand it does not stop justice from coming, timing is everything.

People think DOJ is one thing or FBI.. they are not... they are networks of people with agendas.. Barr is alone. Why don't people understand this?

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over 30 players have been rooted out of DOJ/FBI who were guarding all the doors for the DS.. 300 judges replaced and a dozen special prosecutors sat outside of DC. They are going through all the cases from Stone, Manafort, and Flynn, along with other areas like CF and Ukraine, 2016...

Who do you think found the files to release Flynn? Fire Berman?

There was never a configuration in the past for Justice, finally we are now.. if you think justice is slapping the cuffs on DS players to have them released by Obama judges and clinton juries or even stopped by Rod... you have no clue how anyof this works..

Durham brings it all down in August, going to be a ton fo shit before then including Barr's testimony and Flynn's story

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lets forget about justice because it's not done when i want it? just slap the cuffs on years ago we dont have to worry about obama judges or clinton juries.. how about all deep state in DOJ and FBI? yeah they are fine and will make sure all the people we arrest go to jail

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Pundit releases info months in advance. tons of shit was proven right over the years. Who cares about proving to normies they will learn when the arrests come.. stop fighting over sources and instead focus on the information.

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we have no idea if barr even wants her alive, again they have all the evidence already they don't need her testimony. If they can't prove anything what leverage do they have over her? she could just deny everything..

She is more valuable as bait for Barr to trap the ds at the right time. She is a criminal and deserves to be fed to alligators, so Barr will dangler her in front of DS..

He knows who killed JE, that fuck was taken out in Italy later.. what you know and what you can prove through the Fake Media and Democrat opposition are to different worlds..

Everything is calculated to media reaction and what controls the dems can play. that's why as an example it was better to ingore the Biden Ukraine stuff to avoid Barr being attacked during impeachment as being political to help Trump, instead he told Ukraine DOJ to contact Berman who was forced to hang up on them.. This created more incriminating evidence against the DS instead of Barr, and now Ukraine is breaking these stories over last week...

It all comes together in August

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