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So folks understand, Trump will NEVER MAKE THEM MANDATORY...

He knows if he doesn't make them he loses election as DNC whole campaign is on the virus THEY released working with CCP they planeed in Nov and Dec when they saw impeachment fail.

Nancy Pelosi held Articles of Impeachment for 21 Days until the First Positive Infected reached USA.. same for W.H.O that published same week Jan 16th that human-to-human transfer.

They directly worked to infect America and goad new infected to come and spread it in "China Town" "Come Celebrate"... then attack trump for Travel Ban, and down play the whole thing until March when they flipped as the nursing home deaths spiked and bodies could be stacked and pictured..

it was an operation part of an insurrection that will lead to a Color Revolution next Month..


Trump will sign Insurrection Act after Durham Report to Protect Election.

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I don't, but that has nothing to do about what the SC will do. There is 0 evidence the current "conservative" justices would vote abortion unconstitutional even though it's not in the constitution. they will not touch it and if they do Amy will recuse.

Where she shines is 2nd A..

Abortion is part of the DC Mafia's network, that can't be undone easily, they have elevated it to the same level of 2nd A.. that is why the court will just avoid ruling like they always have in the past. Roberts was on JE island, they are all spied on and blackmailed. it is easy to get someone to keep the status quo, both for abortion and guns, it is an unsigned agreement that has held this long even during Obama years when he held all congress and senate!! you need huge majority of states to also vote not just supreme court to change amendments..

So the court just holds status quo which Amy will do, the big change will be with ObamaCare that iif Trump re-elected can execute his new healh care replacement and need Obamacare to die, that is where she will shine.

And protecting 2nd.. Abortion will find away to stay no matter her vote. that is just reality if I like it or not by the forces of DC Mafia

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Jimmy shits on Trump very little, but just enough to goad them in then totaly dismantles DNC and years of democrats selling us out to the 1% into wars and stealing our money. He rails against military and cops enough to keep liberals engaged and believe he is real deal, then they swallow more red pills and reach the point they see DNC are just lying charlatans..

He actively tells them not to vote for biden

I have a dream he gets so pissed at DNC lies he votes for Trump just for spite

He is like Pool but much farther left than him.. He is a true Uncle Socialist.. the type that just wants everyone to not have to suffer paying for school and health care while the 1% are robbing America blind. He is not an actual Marxist, but represents a group of Americans that want relief from high bills.. he unlike real marxists wants freedom with low bills..

This group is prime for turning Trump they are on the edge.. Trump is lowering costs and that's all they care about!!! many don't know that huge cohort of Bernie Bros fall into htis category of "low bill socialists"

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Perception is reality.

BLM is a fraction of the black population who 80% want to fund the police.

Trump provided money to the infrastructure of the community to build compaines and jobs owned by black people, half the money is loans the rest is simply investing in schools allowing them to pull themselves out. This is something Trump should do. So on the heels of Democrat hate machine BLM running rampant turning off blacks to DNC, Trump rolls in and gives them a path out they have to climb themselves. no hand outs

Democrats require blacks to win. Trump has to offer some plan or he is at a huge political disadvantage going into re-election. This plan also allowed him to designate Antifa terrorists huge huge win and no one talking about it on the left or they have to mention all the good he is doing for black communities

At same time he also Fucks KKK which he denounced in 2017 and the press lied about, now he proves not racist, and as a cherry on top he fucks Kamala and makes lynching illegal, which never happens and was to simply climb on the DNC horse and ride away with it into the sunset

Harris penned an Anit-lynching bill and set up the fake attack with Smolette to sell it, but it failed.. The bill was an excuse to make into law many aspects of Critical Race Theory with huge attacks against whites ..

Trump fucked them all over and over..

Biden is trapped, Blacks now have a path out of poverty to stat new business.

BLM is now 35% support, they are dead and every time they are in the street new Pedes get their wings

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Money is to invest in new businesses so they can pull themselves out. I think this is fantastic

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true, but you have a huge blindspot. Did you notice She died right the min BLM lost their support? now every commie fuck and woman alive that believes in abortion have lost 100%, so MSDNC can now simply say, now you HAVE TO vote for us so we can stack the court and wash this majority away..

huge huge donations, and all their anger can then be applied to voting and supporting Nancy by simply promising to fix it..

This cuts both ways and is an excellent play by the demon democrats, who had Ruth alive using drugs, once they needed her to die, they simply deny her those drugs..

Add in the dying wish.. these are monsters, who violated the civil rights of a Supreme Court Justice to set a political play before an election.

This is full on insurrection that now can be taken to the top levels, Antifa can openly call for the murder of GOP congressmen to "save the country" just like we would say to stop Communism..

There is no coming back from this, the Great American Election Wars of 2020 will start shortly


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Thank you Portland Andy, Thank you very much.. you are great people!

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yeah well that's a difference without a distinction, something Snopes would do.. the world will soon see a lot of the family so it really doesn't matter if that's a pic with their aunt, still the truth.

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you're in a war. There should be no surprises now every arm of power they have will be used against us. until you understand that we are in an CCP backed insurrection you will continue to be surprised and shocked. Think it's bad now wait to see what happens if Biden steals it. Things that get you censored today will be legal violations the will make it all state law and come after us

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nope, just like Ukraine impeachment they're going to project their crimes on to Amy and trumps team, they know the truth about human psychology a human brain is unable to let go of a piece of information first told to it that it believes.. Going to set information into the minds of Normies that connect the sex trafficking of Haiti to GOP members and they know if they can make their association first before Democrats it's impossible to undo

muh russia

kids in cages

ukraine corruption

stealing tax $$

Trump's a dictator

Trump & Epstein

Trump's a pedo

all projected onto trump

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By the way the 500 billion is just loans for businesses it's not free money

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NK 25M; China 1B...

systematic suffering on a scale the world has not seen. some say they have surpassed the numbers of holocaust in their concentration camps..

They are taking over the world with their 5G and COVID-19

Communist Occupation via Infectious Disease 2019

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one does not have to worry about the candidates when they have weeks after the election to count votes in key counties they can print extra to win. They litlerally get to watch the election happen, then rig it after to force Joe to win. it will always come down to a small number of key counties in key states with 1500 ballots... they will find them then print the ballots they need.

But Trump plans on busting many from 2018 for election fraud, already charged 130 felonies to 3 in ones state.. it is all coming.. RED OCTOBER

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you think people are cooperating? you think DOJ/FBI agents on the team are not dragging their feet? DS not threatening them? not worried Biden may steal it and then they are done for..

how about Nancy and CCP releasing a virus so they can SHUTDOWN DC for 3 months? no Durham Grand Juries...

It's not what you know, it's what you can prove and that takes IG reports, interviews while Fed workers have rights above public, they require IG reports and due process which they use to obserfersate and delay...

I took the time to catalog every IG confession under oath, now ask yourself why didn't you see this? or know it? what else don't you know or understand?


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  • Huber was a decoy, silently reported to Durham

  • Huber team handed over everything they found (raided CF headquarters years ago)

  • Investigation never stopped 3 years!!

  • OCT

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