kSfp 7 points ago

Where is Trump train bot when you need him. Come on mods, quit being faggots.

kSfp 5 points ago

The one thing I don’t agree with GEOTUS about.. Do Nothing Democrats? No Destroy everything Democrats.

Feel free to use it Mr. President.

kSfp 1 point ago

Trump could sign a peace agreement with every nation on the planet and these people would write Op-Eds in the NYT and WaPp on how war is a good thing...

kSfp 4 points ago

No way, Chapek won’t give it up. If anything they would sell off Marvel since that timeline is complete and dead.

Regardless, they will retain the rights to merchandise and keeping it in the parks.

kSfp 23 points ago

Nothing. It’s an election year of quite possibly the biggest importance. If people physically did something about it, it would just play Into their hands

Better pray Trump wins.

Start motivating everyone you know to go out vote.

Everything is off the tables after a November,

kSfp 1 point ago

Oh, gotcha! That makes sense. Should have started with that. Lol.

Actually, not a bad idea. Would also work for kids as well.

kSfp 21 points ago

Completely unrelated..

But I have it on good authority that William Jefferson Clinton is a Rapist.

Also, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Infowars . Com

kSfp 3 points ago

So, shadow ban people who say things other people don’t like? I know that’s not what you are thinking, but it’s more or less what you are asking...

Replace Fuck with Trump is my president, and I support him.

Would you be okay with filtering both of these on a social media page?

Now, I understand and feel you. But, and excuse my language...

Fuck no.

kSfp 2 points ago

No, the state still functions as a state, with the exception of the horde from NYC and Albany not dictating how people in Buffalo live their daily lives.

It’s more or less the best solution, not only for NY but other states like CA and WA.

kSfp 2 points ago

Yeah, and with those entities comes legitimacy. Which is what faulted gab unfortunately. But there are winners and losers, looks like parler may be the winner.

Needs Geotus.

kSfp 1 point ago

Agreed. But there is merit iN Staying on these platforms and fighting. When people just leave and go to their corner, then most people won’t even know they exist, and the propaganda of ____ is filled with Nazi’s continues. Look at Gab.

Gonna need Geotus to come over.

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