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"Whoa! Transvestite! Back Off!"

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He doesn't run his twitter.

Some little peon media manager with a job does and 'small business saturday' was on the calendar.

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200% sure.

i was 100% sure they cheated in 2016. that's why they had the epic hissyfit. they cheated. AND LOST!?!?!?!

They've never seen an opponent with support like trump. blew their tiny little pedo brains.

"He's not a politician!" they scream in hatred.

'He's not a politician!' we cheer in support!

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I'm currently banned from reddit.

For upvoting a comment that said censorship is wrong. 🤡🌏

The nazis would be proud of reddit.

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it will stay for a long time there.

libtards don't really work and get up and get donuts and coffee in the mornings. and when they do it's a starcucks.

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We found something better to pick them out!

Blue hair and face metal wasn't enough.

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Nah. Every state should just allow splitting the electoral votes.

So one blue city can't hold a red state hostage with winner take all bullshit.

Trump would have won like 450-500 something that way.

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True. But could you prove it? With media and tech on their side?

Heck even our side could barely believe joe is competent enough to know what the fuck is going on.


They took him off the drugs and now he's just lost as fuck again.

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Yeah. We should start hanging them and their media buddies for treason on the steps of the capitol.

Only have to do a few dozen before the rest would wise up and spill their guts on whos behind it all so we could go after them.

Would fix shit for a few decades at least.

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Yeah but who do you blame?

Can't blame joe. He has no idea where he is or what's going on. Perfect excuse!

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Mental asylums cost money. Do you really wanna pay?

I don't think you can fix THAT. That's throw it out and start over.

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I'm worried about them being on the same planet as me...

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If biden gets in the new war will be syria. day 1.

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As someone whos allergic to all the crap in the air that is way bigger than a virus.

No mask works. None. Until you get all the way to full face gasmask style respirators.

Anything smaller than wood dust is going right thru everything else no matter what.

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Gmail censors a lot of stuff.

You can't even send an encrypted archive file using gmail because it can't look inside it and censor whats in it maybe. so they just block it.

Protonmail. get one. fuck gmail. fuck google.

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Every cheating scam the demonrats have ever used in history were all used this time.
Ramped upto 10,000

And they all have cute names like 'ballot stuffing' instead of treason.

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Or like blaming the govt for seperating kids from the human traffickers who brought them here.

that one always cracks me up. like no no we should just keep them together with the slavers!

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They need some safe space soft room time after seeing trump votes.

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Thats the way it was always done. And peaked under obama who fired pretty much everyone.

and media didn't say one thing about him doing it.

only trump can't fire people without a media hissyfit. imagine that. special rules just to screw trump.

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