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You might want to look back on his entire career if you think this is his first time .. or virus

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Dare we fire up "Let's Roll" again? In memory of Todd Beamer .. we are figuratively in the same place they were

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Lol, like we're supposed to give a shit that he just sent evidence showing Biden election fraud to the same people that've held on to the Hunter laptop for a couple years

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I'll wait for the stickies to hear about it. Fuck FoxNews

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Please tell me we can officially link Big Tech to George Soros & Iran election rigging. Let's see @Jack's smug bitch face staring down a firing squad and not a lineup of pussy congressmen that are questioning just for soundbites.

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Chris Benoit voted for Biden in Georgia

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She said her offense on the deep state is going to be of biblical proportions and everyone's surprised she's under demonic attack?

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She said in the video .. a minimum of 10 million fraudulent votes ... and there were SEVERAL million dead votes, not seven. What was 7 million is the minimum amount of votes Trump is missing

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I'm thinking GEOTUS has never touched his lips to any alcohol and the many people that've decided to do something about their alcoholism because he's an inspiration. Maybe you take your mind off fucking goats for a little while.

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The best teacher I ever had, and still friends with 20+ years later, is a Democrat. He spent 6 years in our state legislature .. new I was a republican in highschool as I was talk about Newt and the good ole days of Reagan. Never pushed his agenda, always challenged me to fully understand why I thought the way I did.

Every other liberal teacher was a pathetic insecure piece of shit that deserves the day of the guillotine.

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