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Come to Wild Wonderful West Virginia. This is Trump country. Freedom country. Endless miles of mountains, forests and rivers, very little government bullshit, very low taxes. Quiet, free, fresh air, unspoiled nature at its most beautiful.

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IIRC, he didn't 'denounce' GEOTUS, he 'disagreed' with GEOTUS. Big difference. Trump doesn't surround himself with yes men, he permits differences of opinion. That said, the final decision on any policy belongs to the President and if Esper balks at carrying that out, then he's GONE.

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McCabe tweeted today that everything Rosenstein said in his testimony today was a lie.

This is going to be fun!

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Thank you. Its shattering hurtful to have your own attack and sneer, when we're all supposed to be here on the same side. But, whatever. We move on, support our President. He MUST win in November or our country is lost. For real.

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Well, obviously you're the expert voice in this, so what do I know. Twenty-five years of my life in service to my city along with many others just like me--well, we know nothing compared to your obvious expertise.

Go away, leave me alone, you make me feel ill.

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The Big Question, of course, is if (and how, for God's sake!) they intend to enforce this. You have dinner out with a friend, you both walk back to your place and close the door. Now what? Will the No-Sex police spend the evening peeking through your blinds to make sure you're just talking, or even cuddling and kissing, but they're making damn sure you're not actually doing you-know-what?

This is beyond madness.

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Well, I can only speak for myself--I spent 25 years as a 'tiny female cop' in Chicago and earned 33 Honorable Mentions for outstanding actions and a special award for Bravery Above and Beyond. But that's just me. You obviously understand this issue far better than I.

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Is the big heavyset guy with glasses (and no tie??) on the left, AG Barr?

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Thank you! Here's the update I just got (I blanked out the name of our relatives that she's talking about:)

"****** and ****** had to leave their house,gone to her friend Marys....buses are pulling up dropping off the protestors and looters.on her street, Northwest Hwy...they are all over Edison Park now..cops are out in full force..and Marys husband ***** is a cop..hes downtown with these thugs throwing bottles of urine on them.."

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No, she's elderly, has never touched a gun. And her husband is dying of cancer, on a ventilator in the house. They're scared to death.

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AND, most importantly of all, who's funding them. Now that the terrorist designation is enacted, many legal avenues open up to prove and expose to the public exactly who is behind the funding and how they operate.

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Where the hell are those officers' reinforcements? 50 cops should have moved in on that in seconds!

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What, no Russians? Never mind, I guess they're the 'foreign actors?'

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