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Nice glowpost.

The use of "like" at the beginning of each sentence makes it seem you haven't graduated middle school grammar class. You lefties hammer on people about grammar issues, semantics, and other wordsmith play like you are the height of superiority. How about I point it to you now?

You then start name calling us nihilists when you can't even spell it right. How about we start name calling you narcissists? You seem to care more about yourself, your own virtue signalling, your own echo chambers, your self proclaimed progressivism and your own moral high ground. You know want to know the truth? No one person is better than the other. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, it's through working together that actually gets stuff done. But you refuse to see that, you're stuck in the 1960's yearning to be part of the social justice warrior movement. Time's changed, people change, but when you're actively fanning the fires of racism, you are in fact the racist yourself.

How do we know what other news we can trust when main stream media is corrupt? It's called critical thinking, it's called evidence, and it's called witness testimony. What's critical thinking? Oh wait, it's not allowed in your echo chambers.

Get outta here, narcissist.

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The Vietnamese know. Disgust in communist propaganda still very alive in the communities.

Ever wonder why and how the Vietnamese are able to forgive Americans or how they are easily able to assimilate in the US? Regardless of whatever stories you've heard about civilian village massacres, they know the root cause of all the atrocities is communism.

Communism forbids self determination, and it forbids freedom.

The Vietnamese and Koreans thank you, America.

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This is his latest appearance. Look at his face, duper's delight written all over it. He can barely hold onto a poker face from bursting into a smirk thinking that he's deceived us all.

Narcissists can't help themselves, they overtly want to know other people to think that they are the superior control of force. Thank God for letting us know about their tell-tale signs of malignancy.

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Welcome those that are willing to swallow their pride and egos to admit they are wrong, to show willingness to change and be challenged on views different from there own.

It takes a different type of person in today's society to admit that they're sorry and to take the criticism and accountability to improve their own life as well as the lives of others. This ends up being my biggest shit test to see if a person has actual integrity worthy to be part of my circle of friends.

Shit happens in life, and sometimes there are circumstances that we are unaware of that dictate our actions to force errors in the heat of the moment. So what if I messed up, saying "my bad, let's work through this" shouldn't be that hard, but for some people it is. What I cannot forgive is people that refuse to see how they've messed up, how they think they were always in the right, how they refuse to make things up. It ends up showing how selfish they are and how little they really care about anyone else other than themselves.

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That's the sparknotes version, it has the included actual study of the proposed 314% increase in testosterone in rats for raw onions.

I haven't found a study for the efficacy on cooked just yet. Even then, let's say a modest 30% increase in test all the while onions being an aromatase inhibitor plus the added values of quercetin, and the other antioxidants it provides.

That's incredibly absurd value for a simple vegetable. That's absolutely without a doubt game changing considering you almost have to climb mountains if you went through the steroid and prescription drugs routes.

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Yeah, that's where I kinda got it from too. I hadn't realized that there were more studies coming out. At the time, onion juicing never made any sense to me because of the perceived taste. Caramelized onions on the other hand, very-very doable.

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It looks very-very promising so far. There's even a couple studies that suggest that onion juice can prevent DHT production on the scalp, thereby helping to eliminate male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia!!

edit:// onion juice when applied to the scalp, not oral ingestion

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There needs to be an operation to steer viewers away from the cable news networks. I think most normal people don't watch the mainstream news because they probably see it for themselves how the current system is to control narratives. Some people also have started to "cut the cord" on cable tv, so to speak too.

Pluto.TV is a great way to start. It's free and easily accessible. Bunch of news channels to choose from other than the mainstream stuff.

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  1. Newsmax
  2. Right Side Broadcasting Network,
  3. One America News Network,
  4. Louder with Crowder
  5. Tatum Report
  6. The Epoch Times
  7. Charlie Kirk

And among others. This is your small business folks. You don't need multi-million dollar operations to cover the news anymore.

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Agreed. Conservative discussions allow for people to be challenged. This is not a lefty echo chamber. Multiple perspectives allow for multiple angles to understand the situation. Doomers help steer the conversation that we should in fact always keep our guards up and not be left unguarded by something we haven't seen. It can be worse, it can be a lefty echo chamber of all-yes men following one single narrative.

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It is a good idea, but be ready to defend yourself appropriately when being challenged. Being skeptical is in fact a good quality trait, and challenging others on ideas shouldn't be frowned upon. It brings up quality discussions. This isn't a lefty echo chamber.

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I like to think it's a hormone imbalance issue regardless if it's a mental illness.

  1. xenoestrogens - plethora of soy products in almost everyday grocery items.
  1. echochambers - while positivity is good and all, the lefty echochamber promotes exceedingly too much positivity. it's almost impossible to call a person out that they might be overdoing certain things without being name called. can't always have yes man to every situation, sometimes criticism is very necessary to absorb and to be responded to
  1. lack of cholesterol - most testosterone is derived from cholesterol, the chief building block of testosterone. most cholesterol comes from animal fats
  1. plant based diets - most lefties virtue signal how morally superior they are with their plant based diets that they scoff at the idea of balancing it with meats
  1. lack of exercise - in order to synthesize cholesterol into free form testosterone, there needs to be exercise

It's almost impossible to point out to a transperson what they're doing is pushing the balance of the testosterone/estrogen scale even if its in sincerity. You would get name called a transphobe or a bigot. They don't want to hear the supposed negativity, when in reality you're just trying to give them a different perspective.

The mental illness comes into play because they are pushing far far too much estrogen that the body can handle. Anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, and impulsivity are among the characteristics.

They virtue signal so hard that their cause is morally and justifiably superior than everyone else that they don't want to consider their use of soy, plant based diets, lack of meats/cholesterol may be hurting them. It's almost as if they identify meat base diets with right wing groups that they refuse to even participate in actual normal human eating behavior.

The muscular gym bros they see, they probably identify as right wing, so since they don't want to be right wing, they push far left and don't even exercise at all.

If you're a male, you can experiment yourself the effects of what would happen if you over consume too much estrogen. It's simple, get fat, say 40-70 lbs over your normal weight size. Then try to lose the weight. Since estrogen is bonded to fat cells, it releases into the bloodstream when the fat mass gets burnt off. If you try to burn calories too fast before the estrogen is excreted through urine/feces, you'll definitely feel the effects of anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, and impulsivity.

It's all about a balance, but well, they just don't want to do that or listen. It's unfortunate.

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Yeah you're right. This could very well be disinfo.

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Alot of new developments coming out from the chans. Not my work, I'm just reporting what I see since I know there's people here that don't visit the chans.

At the very least, it's some thing worth looking into.

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Good point, my bad. Information is coming out way too fast to keep up. This looks more like it can be circumstantial, but it gives light to vote shuffling as a possibility that might be worth looking into more.

https://twitter.com/mattsmith_news/status/1323914505638809601 https://twitter.com/zenxv/status/1325638638936481793


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Wow, I definitely didn't know that. So there is more than what the eyes can tell you.

Thanks for the accountability check.

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I don't know the man, but you can tell alot about Gov Brian Kemp through his eyes.

It's almost as if it's touched by divinity.

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They care more about orange man bad than they do about integrity.

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Whats with the Hustler comment? I'm starting to see the left is increasingly infatuated with sex. Everything almost always point to sex or the constant chase of a stupid orgasm.

Some of us like to think that there's more to life than chasing that sensation. Some of us like to think that going to space, studying and making actual progress in STEM, or simply expanding our own human limits is far-far more fulfilling than sex.

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On a metaphysical, Alex Jones tier levels of crazy, maybe there are really groups out there that truly relish in terrorizing people to cause them ill fortunes of great negativity.

Most normal people just want to clock in, work hard/safe, and clock out. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer working together in unity, mostly because i'd rather not be at the shift for 16 hours when it can be done in 10.

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I read through all of that while shaking my head. I feel for you dude.

There needs to be some type national reform of "failure to comply to duties assigned to job title" clause in employment signings. Won't happen under a liberal government though.

In the industrial sector where production is king and getting home safely together is god, you won't see any of that. Just a simple write-up in the manager's office stating that you refused a duty assigned. 2 or 3 writeups, and they're outta there.

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This is beyond galactic random chance or chaotic circumstance.

Two voices will call out in silence and all will hear?

I'm not about prophetic verses. I just think they're fun to read about.

Jesus Christ, in all that is holy and sacred, please help us all through this. My tiny little brain can't even fathom if this was a actual plausible scenario.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about individually leveraged stock assets. I used to look into those positions, then I ended up concluding that it would take an entire team of at least 10+ people to do actual real due diligence. That ends up being more noise than I would like, so I just stick to indicies and commodities.

Generally, I follow 3 rules. Keep it Simple. Risk vs Reward. Don't be greedy, take profit when you can. You will never win against the big bankers and institutions, but you certainty take small chunks when it's available.

Be safe out there.

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