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No mention on children.

They never mention children. Really activates those almonds.

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then you aren't old enough.

dark knight returns is based af, as are the two sequels, dark knight strikes again and the master race.

holy terror was so fucking based DC refused to sell it. So yeah, Frank Miller does have some homoeroticism in his 90's work (doesn't fucking everything though? can you really watch an arnold or stallone movie without realizing what you're watching?) but I would not say his work is for fags or trannies. In fact, they fucking hate him.

And if you've never read any of Grant Morrison's Batman run, you have no idea what comics can be. IMO, art is something that transcends its medium. That's why a piece of toast can be art, but just because you put paint on canvas doesn't mean it makes the cut.

Grant Morrison's entire Batman arc is art. There's nothing else to say about it.

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we need moonman and shrek porn.

lots and lots of shrek porn. advertisers love it.

and winnie the pooh,.

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unqualified malignant narcissist who cons gullible people into supporting him.

the problem is you just described literally every politician.

fortunately, Trump isn't a politician.

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I called them out on my first here a few months back and got banned.

Already got one of them on my ass again saying he was proud to have banned me last time.

Looks like another shitfest full of commie censored speech to me. I hope to be proven wrong.

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Show me where the Chinese have been institutionalizing cultural marxism for 50 years.

Show me the last time a Chinese military killed US soldiers.

Show me the last time 12 dancing Chinese were caught on 9/11. Come on man.

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Meh, it was a lot more fun making Ellen Pao memes during the fattening.

The way the front page algos are now, we'll never be able to storm the entire front page ever again. This is obviously by design. But I still have my screencaps from those glorious days.

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White privilege doesn't exist.

Jewish privilege, however, is very, very real.

In fact, it was a Jewish coup to try and throw our duly elected President out of office.

EDIT: There is absolutely no reason to ban me for this post. This is your one chance. Make the right choice, or you're literally just as bad as reddit.