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That entire media bullshit manufactured theater of a "try-out" was an own goal by everyone involved.

I'll bet the farm the whole thing was a stunt to try to insulate the league from the lawsuit Mark Geragos, Kap's attorney, had filed against them, as well as provide some positive coverage of the NFL for the battle of "hearts and minds".

i don't blame them for being scared. The suit has teeth, mostly due to an inept NFL, and Mark is an incredible attorney.

But they underestimated Mr. Geragos and he outmaneuvered them. It was a waste of everyone's time and those guys get paid way too much money to be making such amateurish errors as this entire scene turned out to be.

Anyone that follows the NFL knows if any team/s were really interested in signing that walking circus they would go about it in a much different and less public fashion, which is usually in the best interests of all parties involved.

Kap is an idiot that doesn't understand the concept of "unwritten rules" and is trying to fight back thinking it is "unfair". He's not the first to do this. And he will be about as successful at it as the rest that have tried.

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It is going to be Big Mike. Mark it.

The only thing which I am not sure is if Biden will be on the Dem ticket Nov 3rd at all. The way they are playing this thing looks like he'll need to exit. Almost like they are setting us up for it.

But they are in so much disarray it is hard to know how much is calculated. I could be giving them way too much credit, we are all watching them self-destruct, and the coup de grâce will be another attempt to run Hilldog.

I wish they do it too.

Both sides of the aisle already thought she was a liar that has greased the wheels of the corrupt establishment to get where she was. And she hasn't exactly done much to dissuade anyone from that opinion in the interim since the last time she ran.

I have a feeling that move would go over like a lead balloon to her constituency. But these people are so desperate at this point, and have shown so little care for who their own voters would like, that I wouldn't put anything pass them.

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A fucking men Pede.

People that hate on Kanye should hate the game. All he's doing is teaching them how it is played.

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Actually he sells cars, rockets, and flame throwers that work pretty damned well, if you ask me.

I'd like one of each personally.

I don't get the hate that Elon gets. He's a free thinker and not afraid to say what is on his mind. That is what creative people do.

If you're accustomed to reading "extemporaneous' content from politicians all day you might fight something on his thread that could possibly be taken the wrong way, but he doesn't typically worry about that kind of stuff. I love that about him.

I think it is shows he's not afraid of the financial repercussions of what he thinks and is basically "putting his money where his mouth is'.

He's not afraid to challenge preconceived assumptions, even his own, which seems to be deeply unsettling to some people for reasons that escape me.

Not sure how you could possibly call someone with Elon's incredible track record anything but a smashing success.

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Holy shit, Mount Olympus on Mars is immensely massive.

After the overthrow and colonization of Mars, we should rename it Mount Rushmore 2; Temple of the God Emperors.

Trump as Zeus, lightning bolt and toga, laurel wreath gently resting upon his majestic lion's mane...I'm sorry guys, I'm tearing up over here...I need to pull myself together.

It's just so God damned beautiful.

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This is the best practical answer I have heard yet and a great idea.

You won't get the recognition you deserve as this stuff isn't sexy to most people but I think this is a really good idea.

More importantly, IMO, it provides the necessary framework to defend the changes and guide the transformation back into a form closer to that which was originally intended when they formed the agency.

A "return to our roots" campaign. I don't even care if there were never any roots to begin with. That isn't important.

Build a new culture centered around investigation, as that is what the country really needs and the reason they supposedly were brought into existence in the first place.

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Well placed usage of an excellent reference and shame on me for thinking my boy Dave came up with it.

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You get bombarded with texts to donate.

If you can't donate for whatever reason there is no reason to text that number, IMO.

Helps the campaign capture more data. Which helps them too, but the ultimate goal of the data gathering is also to increase donations.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. This is one of the few organizations I trust to follow the do not call registry rules.

Many of the shady operations will take a STOP text as proof of receipt aka a live number, which is far more valuable to callbots than one with no proof anyone ever read it. That is why so many of the spam texts tell you to text whatever back to "stop". So you send the text to stop the texts and end up opening yourself up to more of them.

Typically you should just ignore and block these numbers as you don't want to tip them off they've been read by a human. There are apps that can help with this as well.

But with Team Trump I sincerely doubt they are cross selling the list considering the potential liability and how little they would have to gain. You can actually stop these texts, without opening yourself up getting a thousand more, by simply replying STOP to any of them.

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Your name isn't Dave is it?

Because that sounds exactly like what my buddy Dave from college used to say.

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It won't work.

DC told them they couldn't move back to RFK until they changed the name. The mayor who originally was against changing the name when getting elected flip flopped ::shocked pikachu::

Snyder wants to go back to RFK but not as bad as DC thinks he does. He'll tell them all to go fuck themselves before he changes the name. Only way that happens is if the league makes him.

But I will bet dollars to donuts the league will have zero appetite to do so by I'd say week three at the latest. By that time they'll get the record-breaking low weekly ratings of the young season, can no longer spin them as a "blip", and must acknowledge the downward trend.

That is probably giving them way too much credit though.

By week two I bet you won't see anything with BLM on it anywhere near the NFL and they'll figure out some way to try and apologize to the fans. It won't work and I will have zero sympathy for them. They made their bed and deserve to lose every penny of their fortunes for doing so.

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At one point Florida State Troopers used to wear that same color. I believe they've since changed back to navy/police blue.

There are quite a few departments in Florida that think that is a good look for some reason. I am not one of them.

But I sure as fuck wouldn't say that to Sheriff Grady.

I heard he shaves with a blowtorch.

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I understand, and am with you on this, but we got to bring the normies up to speed gradually or their heads will pop.

Start with the kid trafficking. They can wrap their heads around that and then they can be lead to the rest in succession.

This is the way for it to stick. Plenty of people are willing to consider anything with that broad.

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Just wait until the day after the election.

Then we'll see what GEOTUS really has in mind for this worm.

Until then he can rest uneasy in his new "promotion", which will be to a position the media can't freak-out over without looking silly, while containing the worm and minimizing any disruption and/or sensitive information to which he might be privy until after the election.

Then he can make him the head dishwasher and barnacle scraper on the newest Icebreaker in the American Antarctic fleet. We'll tell him he's the first white dishwasher and only the third white barnacle scraper on a US Military Icebreaker ship in history. Leftists love that shit. Give him a patch and everything.

Don't you worry about this cuck. I have a feeling that if anyone is going to get theirs in this thing, it'll be this dummy. He's opened himself up to too much liability while no longer providing any real value to the DS. I think that mistake might just come home to roost sooner or later.

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As a XXXL fat guy I approve this message.

I've never seen a dress uniform in a size remotely close to big enough that I could wear it before I saw his fat ass. That thing looks like it'd be roomy on me.

I could be completely wrong on this, I like to think I am pretty decent reading non-verbals, but it didn't look to me like he'd ever worn that uniform before in his life.

I am sure one of the military guys that hear his rank (or officer code) will be able to tell us everything we've ever wanted to know about the guy, including what the motherfucker will have for breakfast this Tuesday, based solely on that information.

I was thinking he's never worn that thing before in his life and they dressed him in it for the cameras. I don't think that cat ever put it on before.

Keep in mind this is completely baseless speculation.

If anyone wants to tell me the veracity of my claim that'd be dynamite. And likely accurate.

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If you really feel this way, then the next best move for you is to go to law school and get your JD.

It is not nearly as hard as people think it is, IMO. Neither is the BAR exam. It ain't easy, but it isn't anything that is that difficult either.

Can't go full time? No problem they have night school. Take too long? It'll be over before you even know it and you won't need to quit your job. You'll regret it later when you didn't go and don't have anything to show for all that time knowing you could be done with your JD and studying for the BAR.

Look around at the attorneys in your town. Are you going to tell me those people are all smarter than you?

There is no substitute for this skill set considering what you are suggesting. If I was going to step in the ring with these people I'd either want to be an attorney myself, or so stinking rich I could afford an army of the best ones for as long as I needed them to be there.

Ones of those two prospects is easier for me to obtain that the other. I will let you make that call for yourself but I would highly recommend you choose one of the two, if you are really serious about doing this.

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