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Damn, we need to have a cross-country car rally. Say for instance you start in Maine, and have all the local Trump supporters drive as far along the route as they can. Then new supporters from New Hampshire/Western Mass join as the Mainers drop off, continuing down through PA, OH, with new supporters joining and dropping off, all the way across the country finishing in the Devil’s backyard (Portland).

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Damn, I just leave one comment making fun of gun idiots and I get all this fascinating info in return. Didn’t see that coming. Thanks for these posts.

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God damn does this dude not have anything better to do, like I don’t know, run a company? I’d be willing to bet his days as CEO are numbered, and the number is really, really low.

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“who a court document says had purchased an automatic rifle”

Oh really.

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Trump is going to be implicated. No other reason they would release it this early. This is their final desperate play.

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Holy shit, someone actually wasted time and money on this “study”? They’re going to be crushed when the find out that Trump isn’t the only person to post from his Twitter account. Science!

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Show him the Plot Against the President

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Jesus Christ that picture is giving me anxiety

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Democrats are also way more likely to vote by mail. Wouldn’t read anything into it

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Seems like he’s President and you’re not. Maybe you should take your finely honed political instincts and run for office. I’m sure the White House is trembling right now over the millions of normie votes he’s going to lose over a single retweet. Jfc. You don’t have the first clue about the state of the current political landscape. None of us do. Just sit back and enjoy the ride instead of clutching your pearls at all of the “horrific mistakes” you think the President is making. I’m sure you were hyperventilating when Trump claimed that Obama wiretapped him. How’d that turn out?

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Hahahahahaha damn, it’s over for Blumpf guys

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Lmfao. At the top, where it says “Donald J. Trump retweeted”. God damn you’re dense.

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Lol dude it’s not hard. Just look instead of spouting off. Appreciate your “concern” for this community though:


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I mean, Trump retweeted it dude. Until he disavows as far as I’m concerned it’s fair game.

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