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Do you have the image you used? Would love to make these as well.

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You can't edit tweets. This was a bullshit troll from the start.

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Nice try with your screenshot and no source bullshit.

You intentionally modified the text of the tweet to sow discord. Fuck right off.

Please go somewhere else with your trolls:

Link to actual tweet: https://twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/status/1290070614091468800

Screenshot: https://i.maga.host/WhtfDu9.png

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Don't shit where you eat. Put it up at a different school! :p

Godspeed with your schooling!

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Thanks! I appreciate it. It seems like your brain kicked into gear at around the age of 23/becoming NCO. I'm proud of you, pede. Godspeed to you and your doggos!

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just curious on your (approximate) age throughout..

@ first decision to join mil
@ becoming NCO
@ leaving/contracting
@ buying your home
@ now

these unfuck stories are very relevant to me.. i think the person i'm working with might be too far gone (they're 28yo), but there is hope, especially reading your post. thank you for writing it down. cheers.

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Wow thank you, kind sir!
I hope the rest of your Monday and your week are amazing!

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I'm on a call and I had to mute myself to laugh hahaha

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That made me smile real big. Thank you for posting it.

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It's mainly products with methanol, wood alcohol, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin, and all but one are imported from Mexico.

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Until? No, it's done. There is only so much goodwill the fans are willing to give up.

Last weekend, I took down a Red Sox pennant I've had for over 20 years. I threw away my 15 year old beloved torn-and-faded Red Sox hat in the same trash.

MLB is done to me.

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