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a man literally opened fore on senators because he believed in "russiagate""

but twitter wont ban anti trump conspiracy theoriess

regulate social media before it destroys ur countryy

u can either do whats necessary to protect america- or u cantt

and if u cant then u dont deserve to lead the countryy

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the only way to fix it is the pass regulations against fake news..

some Libertarians that don't understand economics will claim that breaking them up and having more companies would fix the problem. but the fact that so many newspapers from so many different companies colluded together proves that it doesn't matter how many different newspaper companies you have. They can still collude together and publish fake newss

Libertarians have been pushing pseudo economics for yearss

reality is that the only way you're going to get the media to stop lying is if you force them to stop lying. AKA there has to be a law against lion. The same way the only way you're going to get criminals to stop committing crimes as if you could pass laws that punish them for committing crimes..

we didn't stop bank robberies by breaking up big Banks. we passed laws against bank robbery. we didn't stop identity theft by breaking up credit card companies. we passed laws against identity theft. we didn't stop drunk driving by breaking up the car companies. we passed laws Against drunk driving. passing laws against bad things is a common sense thing that everybody is done and it's an American tradition. there's no reason not to pass laws against something that's bad..

but there are people who support bad things and will fight any attempt to legislat it

but the bottom line is if you want fake news to stop you have to pass laws. Democrats understand this common-sense concept which is why they've been able to ban things that they don't like. Republicans have not been able to comprehend such a simple concept because Republicans have an IQ of a goldfishh

and that's why Republicans fail at everything they try to do..

there is a solution. it's possible to implement the solution. The only thing standing in your way is yourselves..

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we need to stop using leftist photos and music and use our own

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when public bathrooms aren't safe enough but somehow porta-potties are. when gatherings of 15 or more people is too dangerous but gathering of us of thousands of BLM protesters is fine. when we're told that n95 masks aren't even enough but apparently bandanas are okay. when the so-called experts tell us what the coronavirus is the most dangerous thing in the world and so important that we have to shut down the economy and bankrupt millions of people but then they sign a letter saying that they would make an exception for the political things that they support like black lives matter protests. went through all of that hypocrisy happens it's clearly it's not about science. And it's not about people safety. it's about exactly what we said it was about. Democrats trying to destroy the economy ahea the election

I don't see why people have such a hard time even believing us. The Democrats have shocked that political comments. They have burn cities to the ground. The perpetuated debunk conspiracy theories trying to overthrow democracy. And they even admitted multiple times that their agenda was to destroy the economyy

I don't see why people have such a hard time believing that the Democrats would perpetuate a manufactured prices to destroy the economy ahead of an electi

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"dont worry about voting for policies to fix the country. we dont wanna do things the legal way. well just shoot our fellow Americans until they do what we wantt. thats the rightwing way!!"

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I'd love a list of people that have been red pilled by the radical left. Because I don't think you have any evidence for that claim. do you? do you have any evidence for that claim? or did you make it up out of thin air? Because you can't really make policy out of things you made out of thin air. when you're making policy and political strategy you have to base it on the evidence. You have to look at what works and what doesn't work and what the evidence says and you make policy based on that. not some religious faith basedd bulshit

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I can't name a single successful movement whose slogan was "sit and wait""

that sounds like a talking point The Establishment ushing because they don't want you to fight back

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at what point can we ignore the Libertarians outcry and start to regulate these social media companies? their blatantly pushing censorship more than any government ever has. are you really going to let your first amendment be taken away just because it was a private corporation??

is that the legacy of the Republican Party? screaming about the government for decades and then losing all of those same rights anywayy because they're in the pockets of corporations?

it's time to regulate these companies. it's time to forbid censorship of political ideology for any reason. they've proven they can't be trusted..

really the only question left is is to go is the Republican party going to defend its supporters and Americans from encroaching orwelia and fascism or is its legacy going to be that it stood idly by as America was taken over..

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I can to get the rest of your comments and I'm going to focus on the last part

Twitter users aren't the majority nor speak for the majority.

yes. they are the majority. and they DO influence the majority

the problem with old people is they think every new thing is just a "fad" "it's just those young whippersnappers! They don't matter! it's just something the kids do!""

that's what? those young whippersnappers are the ones who are going to be running the world. once you're too old and retire..

don't believe me? here's some studies and science u won't trust



Twitter has tremendous influence. It influences people and how they vote. Twitter has more monthly users than the United States has citizens. Don't tell me it doesn't matter. You don't matter. The handful of people at your local bar that you talk to about politics don't matter in the grand scheme of things. You're not going to be swaying elections with yourself in the handful of bar customers..

twitt on the other hand will.

don't forget political scientist Robert Epstein estimated that Google bias alone could sway up to 15 million votes. just Google bias in the 2016 election. It got worse since then so it's probably more. again. That would be just Google. That's not including Twitter Facebook YouTube Reddit..

let's also not forget that Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted he thought Reddit could influence the election and read it is much smaller than Twitter and Twitter is much smaller than Facebook..

the problem is old people don't understand new things. anything that gets created after they're old they can't seem to grasp. And it's jaundice your generation of old people. it's every old people generation. your parents had things that you did that they couldn't seem to understand. old people were scared of the telephone they were scared of the television they were scared of the radio they were scared of the telegraph they were scared of the car. basically any new thing that gets invented you will have a generation of old people that are scared of it and don't understand it and think it's just going to go away. It doesn't. The world doesn't go backwards it goes forwards. And you can either go with it or you can get left behind..

Twitter alone has massive influence. The fact that you don't do anything on Twitter doesn't mean anything. You don't have massive influence. You don't matter. You are a speck

but you probably think that you have some super influence because you bring up politics at the dinner table or you have some political conversations with your buddies at the bar LOL. That's not influence. 500 million monthly users is influence..

I also find it ironic that you think this website is some super influential thing but then you don't believe Twitter is. Twitter is far bigger..

and let me repeat. just because you don't use Twitter doesn't mean nobody else does. just because you don't use Twitter doesn't mean it doesn't influence other people

you not doing something does not prevent other people from doing it..

and that's why I say it seems like you think the world revolves around you. No Twitter is not just a fad. It is not some tiny website that nobody uses. thedonald.winn is some tiny website that nobody uses

there hasn't been a president in history that won the election without also winning social media. at least since social media was created..

Trump owes his presidency to social media. You think it was because he posted some television advertisements or something but it wasn't..

the problem is the GOP is mostly old people and they don't understand these things. And they're not going to understand these things. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. so we have to wait for the old people to di out and be replaced by younger people who do understand these things

I also find it ironic that you called him screen at it with no lives LOL. Twitter is a massively popular website. tons of people use it and almost everybody uses Facebook. it's not out of the norm for them to use Facebook. it's kind of weird that you use this site. You would have to be some kind of screen addict to use thedonald.winn

but you do you buddy. You don't want to accept the truth. You prefer to believe comforting lies..

you do realize there have been 10 elections since Donald Trump right? You've lost every one of them. clinging to a single election that you barely won is not effective..

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the problem is that you seem to think the world revolves around you. It doesn't. You're just a tiny speck that hardly matters in the grand scheme

so it doesn't really matter whether Twitter influences you or not. The world is much bigger than you. And it's something Libertarians don't seem to be able to understand. They seem to think that as long as they're doing okay it doesn't matter what else is happening. They seem to think the world revolves around them. As long as THEY have money they don't have to care about poor people. As long as THEY are doing okay they don't care about what else the world is doing

Libertarians are very self-centered and narcissistic and possibly evil in that way. They don't care what's going on in the world as long as it doesn't affect them. or at least as they don't long as they don't think it affects them. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users. It can still start World war 3 whether you use Twitter or not. You don't matter..

but you seem to think that because you don't use Twitter then it doesn't matter at all..

reminds me of a quote by a researcher who is researching libertarianism. she basically said that in her research she met a former libertarian he said that he was a Libertarian until he took hallucinogens and realized that other people have feeli

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we had a conservative movie studio and then Rupert Murdoch's sons sold it..

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the fake news has gotten to the point they are blatantly lyingg

the reality is we should not be allowing this in America. there is no reason to allow fake use in America. there's no reason to allow something that is bad for America to operate in America. It is time to take action against the fake news and at the very least issue a fine to every outlet every time its lyingg

it's time to rein it in

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I'm sure we can find photos of Obama with various brand name products in the oval office. but the thing is I don't care. Because I totally support Trump doing that. Trump can do what he wants in the oval office. He's the president..

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it's saying 95% of the people that contracted it

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I like that response though. whenever they're mad at him just point out that he's not their presidentt

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there's also several studies that say there is six. had a bigger negative effect than positive effect. other studies showing that it was an overreaction to begin with and the UN even released to study saying that tens of millions of people would starve due to the lockdowns..

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ok. so he admitted he lies about the science.

so we cant trust anything he says

ps: this is what I've been saying for a long time. Democrats like to talk about science but the reality is that they lie about the science. although it can be it will usually it's not wrong. it's just up to liberals lie about what the science says..

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no they are not. see that's the problem Libertarians have. take for Jack themselves and think that they are the billionaires. The reason Libertarians who make less than 50,000 a year fight so hard for the interests of billionaires is because they have this delusional belief that any restriction on a billionaire is actually restriction on themselves. They see themselves as the billionaires despite the fact that they will never be a billionaire

the same way you project and you're see yourself as a journalist or reporter working for CNN despite the fact that you will never be a journalist or reporters working for CNN. You will NEVER be a journalist. You will NEVER work for CNN. It is NOT a restriction on you.

you see yourself as all of these things that you aren't. You think restricting and out of control corporation means restricting you. It doesn't. You are not an out-of-control corporation. It would have no effect on you

and the same goes for these media companies. You are not a media company. It will not hurt you. 99.99% of the country is not a media company. It will not hurt them either. so no it's not an attack on the people. it's just on the media corporations..

Rachel maddow can still say whatever she wants on the street corner. she just can't say whatever she wants on air. Because the average person doesn't have a TV show with millions of viewers so that is not free speech. That's more than free speech. That's something that she has that everybody else doesn't. Free speech is what everybody has. she has something that you don't..

do you believe she deserves more rights than you? You shouldn't..

so no. nobody is taking away your rights. Because you are not them. You are not a media corporation. You are not a billionaire. And pretending that you are isn helpful to you

it's like that futurama episode

"why are you cheering fry? You're not rich""

"okay. but someday I might be. And then they better watch their step""

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entrepreneurs make the economy boom? They are the wealth creators? so why is the economy in a recession? Why don't th entrepreneurs just just create more wealth? what's the matter? do they need the workers or something?

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I don't care if it's abused. The media is a bad thing anyway. let them be abused who cares? The media is abusive. It deserves to be abused..

you put way too much power and faith in the media. let them be abused into non-existence.

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