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Well that eliminates at least half of all public school teachers

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Ah yes the video evidence of postal workers throwing ballots away don't mean anything. It's secure because big tech has determined it is.

This is dystopian, big tech wants to control information. They have to be stopped.

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They want to make Trump defend himself on pointless topics. A lot of people in America don't seem to understand "innocence until proven guilty". Trump has not been proven guilty on anything they accused him of.

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Everything they "obtained" turned out to be a nothingburger. This one is all the same.

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They have massive organizations controlling information. Big tech and media spend every waking hour to manipulate them. It is quite literally not possible to find a non-leftist source on the first page of Google. At this point they will not believe anything regular people tell them.

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I think we need a public leader to organize these things. Individually we aren't very likely to do anything.

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"Diversity and inclusiveness" just means hatred towards conservatives/Trump supporters in general.

I separate the two because nowadays you don't need to be a conservative to support Trump.

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Unemployed and angry teens with zero knowledge of how complex tax mitigation/avoidance can be when you are rich.

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They were kind enough to introduce a measure to keep themselves in check. American schools need to teach the context of every single line of the Constitution.

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Dwindling? What do you mean? The entire democratic party is the KKK. They keep insisting that minorities cannot possibly succeed unlike white people. Plus if you don't vote for Joe then you ain't black. They spew some of the most racist rhetorics.

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And that's when we say social distancing and masks didn't work for old Joe.

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They also screamed DROP THE KNIFE at him over 5 times. It's not just two warnings. They also shouted DON'T YOU DO IT.

Ample warning for a known violent criminal holding a knife. Good riddance.

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Does someone have sources for Breonna Taylor being involves in various criminal activities? Need it to redpill some people

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This is what tyranny looks like. China is achieving their goal with the help of the democratic party.

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Hey look we don't live in the medieval times anymore and the pope has zero authority.

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If Biden wins western civilization is effectively screwed unless red states secede.

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Not to mention cloth masks are quite literally useless. The left's medicine god Fauci admits this.

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I am really confused as to how democrat run cities keep electing democrats as they witness their city break down year after year. Chicago's crime rate is a meme at this point. It's like every one living there are blinded donkeys or something

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