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should have put a MAGA hat on genie on the last picture :D

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they are full blown to doing voter fraud and taking away our constitutional right to vote...if they win (which they won't) imagine what they'll do to our second amendment

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Remember what they did in the midterms stealing the house...remember what they did to Justice Kavanugh, remember what they did to our beloved President Trump and his family, remember what they did to the Trump supporters they killed...remember who burned your cities and states, remember who burned our beautiful flag...remember the lies and lies they have said...remember how they tried destroying our beautiful America...remember how they disrespected our country



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a little too late there you pussy GOP. They should have done this when they were having secret bunker meetings...where the hell is Adam Pencil Neck Schiff ... that dude should have been investigated also...it's ok for these goons to investigate Trumps family and his party but no one can investigate the other side this whole time...hopefully Durham puts these fools to jail

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perfect halloween costumes this year is Hillary in a jumpsuit...Obama in a jumpsuit... or Jerry Nadler shitting his pants costume

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i can see Joe Biden telling all mainstream media goon outlets "if you guys show anything of my drug dealing trafficking son, you ain't gettin the money" "well son of a bitch, they didn't show it"

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let me know when Hunter or any of these goons are arrested. 😴 😴 😴

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said said said. waiting for action

gop are all talk and haven't seen Soros arrested and I have not seen Omar arrested...Tlaib...Clintons...Hunter Biden still on the loose...FBi Wray is still head of the corrupt agency. Dems do fraud and nothing is done...they let criminals back out and do nothing about it...we are getting sick and tired of this shit...it's not stopping anytime soon and WE THE PEOPLE will have to start rounding up the deep state.

Enough Said

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America vs Domestic Terrorists

Get ready pedes it will only get worse

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😂 they wouldn't last an hour. They would deserve every second of blood 🩸 and they would surrender in an instant

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MOAB on all these terrorists. That'll teach em

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