guitarmastershredder 3 points ago

I sort of care I live 20 miles from there, my father has a construction business in the city so if the city burns we are finished with work.

guitarmastershredder 18 points ago

Systemic racism and white supremacy! /s

guitarmastershredder 3 points ago

Can Confirm I’m a Teacher, was targeted in 2016 from a community college for supporting Trump. Management put me under a microscope and started taking away my classes little by little. No explanation as to why my hours were dwindling. I eventually quit.

guitarmastershredder 8 points ago

Hats were racist last week this week it’s Kanye West, anything Kanye is white supremacy

guitarmastershredder 4 points ago

I believe that’s the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic. They copied the confederate flag

guitarmastershredder 1 point ago

If we ever... there is no way we will be able to maintain our constitution and society with these “educated” Marxist authoritarians. They have been weaponized in schools and through media to hate and to destroy. They have nothing to replace our nation with, only tyranny. They must soon cease to exist. When our leader commands us we will be victorious.

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