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A total fisted asshole faggot

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These sickos indoctrinating our children has to stop!! In teen pop culture, and the school system telling them that 13 year old lesbian trans girls are special too. Leftists want to demoralize your children! Teach them God! Teach them these people are sick and strange.

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CNN has international influence more than in the USA. I’m an online international English teacher and I work with students from all over the world and many of them say the only news they watch from America is CNN. They think that is the truth. I show them breitbart, daily caller, Tim pool etc..

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I think we will see a few arrests, but it might be a nothing-burger like russian collusion

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So overturning Roe vs. Wade means states can decide to ban abortion or not? I don’t know too much about this. I don’t like abortion

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Do you think so I mean can someone give us some evidence to support this accusation?

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Insanity TDS

“3 billion Americans have died globally as a result of Drumf’s Mishandling of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the largest mass murder to ever exist!!! VOTE JOE FOR BLM AND TRANS OPERATIONS!”

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Fuck these people who do crimes then get angry when the police come

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