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Thank you for the positive thoughts. We are trying to learn how to most effectively help and share the experience with the right people.

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affidavit filed, notarized on site (notary was required to walk offsite into an RV filled with Trump lawyers and her to complete things), and following up as we learn what to do next.

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Democrats acting like they are at a BLM rally, badgering, bullying, threatening, and then as soon as you respond once, they call for help from law enforcement and get you kicked out. Total sham.

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The source is my phone camera taking a picture of her badge, edited in Gimp to show how they identified people differently. All of the democratic representatives there weren't identified.... only GEOTUS-friendly stable geniuses got the metaphorical Star of David on their badge.

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My wife got kicked out of the recount in Milwaukee. 3 sheriffs escorted her out of the building, and then an armed couple of patriots walked her back to her car.