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Sorry bud....I only look at polls and those say Biden landslide. Crowd size doesn’t matter either. Or enthusiasm. Or cognitive ability. Nope none of those things. Biden has it basically wrapped up.

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Nah, I deleted everything that had to do with my reddit. I loved using it to troll, but eventually realized that my life is considerably more enjoyable removing retarded leftists from my life when I can.

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I love watching the retards in /r/Minnesota acting like this is Trump's fault and he should pony up the money. Nah, this shit could have been stopped immediately and you abandoned the goddamn police precinct the first night. You refused help the first few days. Anyone who isn't a retard knows this is the correct decision.

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If nothing happens to either of them we may yet see it again.

goodbeerbetterviews2 143 points ago

I see our numbers constantly breaking previous records and I am supposed to believe that we are down in the polls?

They must be shitting their pants. But still, do not get comfortable. And at this point, voting is not enough. We need everyone to bring one other person.

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They aren't just lawyers. They are fucking loaded. It is one thing to go after normal joe blow with one of these because they can probably not fight it. But these people have the money and a very intimate knowledge of how to fight this.

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I am seeing that as well. People are understanding that they can train most people on the job (outside of certain skills of course) and get better results if they focus on the qualities of the person.

goodbeerbetterviews2 3 points ago

I am seeing more people hire experience and work ethic more so than a piece of paper that says you went to class. College has become a joke in most cases. I am sure STEM is still useful but mostly it is worthless. The job I am currently training for requires a degree in aerospace engineering. But I was able to get it by studying and by going to those already in that field and asking for training while they worked.

It can happen. Apply yourself and show that you are willing to learn and you don't always need a piece of paper.

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Username = firstname_lastname

Barely made their account.

First post is wondering why troops aren't attacking people for stepping on the American Flag.

My conclusion, newly minted concern troll that doesn't realize watching teenagers step and burn our flag only brings more supporters to our side. Older folks see this and want no part of these retards. No good would come out of stopping this. But still would love to ship these idiots to China so they can get a taste of a real communist country.

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Eh....I wouldn’t call black supremacy morally correct. But what do I know? I’m just some white guy.

goodbeerbetterviews2 3 points ago

Read up on tax law. Figure out deductions and tax breaks. Invest wisely and pay as little as possible in taxes.

Fuck paying the government an extra cent to support these leaches. Pay as little as possible

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I could give a fuck if he’s black. If he was white I’d say the same thing. Equality across the board retard

goodbeerbetterviews2 65 points ago

God forbid I use bad language when a judge is actively over stepping his bounds against a former General of the United States. Stop being a pussy

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My fucking normie Grandmother expected it to happen. He was literally almost killed two weeks prior. The fact that any high priority target is in New York City just shows how corrupt it all is. Guarded by a fucking fat diversity hire who fell asleep on the job.

I could have prevented Epstein's "death" with vastly less resources.

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It’ll be great. I don’t let retards bring me down.

I hope you one day realize that you’re actually retarded. Realizing it is the first step. Good luck.

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Lolol. I literally gave you two facts. Dr. Birx believes that the death rate is inflated and the cdc is inaccurate. And 5 states went against federal guidelines and inserted covid patients into nursing homes.

The fact that you don’t know this doesn’t surprise me. You stick to your bubble because you’re comfortable. It’s what the smooth brains do. Congrats on being retarded.

goodbeerbetterviews2 6 points ago

Ah yes you deflected from my argument again. Typical moron. Gobble that cock buddy.

goodbeerbetterviews2 6 points ago

Did they not send China flu patients into nursing homes? And did dr. Birx not say that deaths are probably 25% inflated? You fucking moron

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